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09/11/14 E2 Press: Opinion: Bob Keefe, Executive Director
Clean Energy and Jobs
E2 Executive Director Bob Keefe in the New York Times on clean energy's crucial role in the resurgence of manufacturing jobs in the Midwest's energy sector.

08/31/14 E2 Press: Member Video
Ron Kamen: Clean energy jobs growing and paying more
E2 NY Chapter Director Ron Kamen on our Q2 Clean Energy Jobs Report in a video for The Street, picked up by USA Today

08/28/14 E2 Publication: Clean Jobs Report
Q2 2014 Clean Jobs Report: More than 12,500 jobs in Second Quarter

08/05/14 E2 Press: Member Opinion
Troy Van Beek: Gov. Branstad should embrace clean power plan
E2 Member Troy Van Beek on the Clean Power Plan in the Des Moines Register.

08/02/14 E2 Press: Member Opinion
Dave Belote: Green energy saves taxpayers money
E2 Chapter Director and retired Air Force colonel Dave Belote in the Roanoke Times, discussing the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan.

07/17/14 E2 Press: Opinion: Bob Keefe, Executive Director
Rural Co-Ops See the Light on Renewable Energy - Even if Industry Lobbyists Don't
"By moving to renewable energy, rural electricity co-ops can modernize their power supplies just like any big, investor-owned utility. By adding solar, wind and other clean energy sources to their supply mix, co-ops also create local jobs and generate home-grown power -keeping local dollars local, instead sending them to out-of-state coal companies."

07/17/14 Around the Web: Clean Fuels
Mapping the California Companies Fueling a Cleaner Future
The new interactive Green Roads Map that EDF created in partnership with CALSTART, Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), and the Natural Resources Defense Council, shows that we have many emerging options for our cars and transportation fleets, and that clean transportation is a flourishing industry in California.

07/03/14 E2 Press: Member Opinion
Climate change affects U.S.'s anti-terrorism efforts
E2 member and former Army officer Jon Gensler in the Des Moines Register on climate disruption and global security.

06/12/04 E2 Press: Member Opinion
David Noble: For Ohio, more jobs and less carbon
E2 Member David Noble in The Akron Beacon Journal.

07/02/14 E2 Press: Opinion: Bob Keefe, Executive Director
In Heartland and Beyond, Businesses Get It: Not Cutting Carbon Pollution Is Risky Business
E2 Executive Director Bob Keefe on what Iowans - and so many other Americans - are saying about cutting carbon pollution.

06/05/14 E2 Publication: Opinion: Bob Keefe, Executive Director
What the EPA Clean Power Plan Means: More Jobs, Less Carbon
E2 Executive Director Bob Keefe on how EPA's new carbon standards help entrepreneurs like veteran Troy Van Beek and his wife Amy, of Ideal Energy.

06/02/14 E2 Press: Press Release
New EPA Standards Will Result in More Jobs, Less Carbon
New Environmental Protection Agency standards that for the first time will cut carbon pollution from power plants are an economic catalyst that will drive innovation and investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency and will trigger economic growth throughout the United States, according to the nonpartisan business group Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2).

06/02/14 E2 Press: Press Release
Majority of NC Small Businesses Support Carbon Pollution Limits, Addressing Climate Change
As the Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants for the first time, new polling figures released by Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), show the majority of N.C. small businesses say cutting carbon pollution is a good idea that can help the state's economy.

05/22/14 E2 Publication: Clean Jobs Report
Q1 2014 Clean Jobs Report: 5600 jobs in first quarter
Top 10 States for Clean Energy Job Announcements in Q1: Idaho, Texas, California, Missouri, New York, Kansas, Arizona, Hawaii, New Mexico, Louisiana; Ongoing Uncertainty Surrounding Federal Clean Energy Policies - Coupled with Persistent Attacks on State Level - Kept New Clean Energy Job Numbers Low. View Full Report Here.

05/12/14 E2 Publication: NC Small Business Poll: Press Release
9 in 10 NC Small Biz Owners Believe Economic Growth and Good Environment go hand in hand
New Poll Shows Majority of Small Businesses Support Expanding Energy Efficiency Programs, More Renewable Energy and Stronger Environmental Safeguards

05/12/14 E2 Publication: NC Small Business Poll: Results
Public Policy Polling: North Carolina Survey Results
Nearly 90 percent of small business owners said protecting North Carolina's good environment and quality of life is important to the state's economic growth, according to the survey conducted by Raleigh-based Public Policy Polling (PPP) for Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), a national nonpartisan group of businesspeople and others who advocate for smart environmental policies that can lead to economic growth.

05/12/14 E2 Press: SD Co-Director Carl Nettleton Interviewed
San Diego Climate Change Symposium Focuses On Role Of Energy
E2 San Diego Chapter Co-Director Carl Nettleton interviewed on KPBS on San Diego's upcoming Symposium on Energy and Climate Change.

05/01/2014 E2 Press: E2 Names New Executive Director
Bob Keefe named Executive Director of the nonprofit, nonpartisan business group
Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) has named Bob Keefe Executive Director of the nonprofit, nonpartisan business group.

04/08/14 E2 Press: Radio Interview
David Kolsrud KZEN Radio Interview
David Kolsrud on KZEN/Farm and Ranch Market Network talking about clean energy jobs in the region. Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa.

04/07/14 E2 Press: E2 Member Rev. Mitchell Hescox on climate change
Climate Change Threats To 'The Least Of These' Compel Evangelical Christians To Act
E2 Member Rev. Mitchell Hescox, president of the Evangelical Environmental Network, quoted in an article highlighting the Showtime series, "Years of Living Dangerously," set to premiere April 13. Co-produced by James Cameron and starring celebrities including Harrison Ford and Matt Damon, the documentary addresses the entanglement of politics, faith and science that impedes acceptance and action on climate change.

04/01/14 E2 Press: E2 Letter on Keystone XL
Silicon Valley's Elite Comes Out Against the Keystone XL
E2's letter to Secretary of State John Kerry on Keystone XL.

03/31/14 E2 Press: Dave Belote on Virginia Jobs
Environmental Entrepeneurs See Opportunities in Virginia
E2 Member Dave Belote on job opportunities in Virginia.

03/31/14 E2 Press: Member Letter
Mitchell C. Hescox: Let's work together and stop political polarization
E2 Member Rev. Mitchell C. Hescox, President/CEO, Evangelical Environmental Network, in a letter to the York Daily Record.

03/19/14 E2 Publication: Clean Energy Trust, E2, and others Report
Clean Jobs Illinois: An In-Depth Look at Clean Energy Employment in Illinois
Clean Energy Trust, in partnership with other organizations including E2, presents a website and report based on a survey of Illinois clean energy firms.

03/13/14 E2 Publication: E2 Quarterly Update
Military Leadership on Cleantech: E2 Quarterly Update March 2014

03/11/14 E2 Publication: Clean Energy Works For Us Report
Clean Energy Jobs: 2013 Year in Review and Q4 Report
Announcements from the fourth quarter of 2013 and a review of the year.

03/06/14 E2 Press: Member Opinion
Secretary Kerry Follows the Military's Lead on Climate Change
E2 Member LtGen John Castellaw, USMC (Ret) in a joint opinion addressing the military's concern with climate change, published by The Center for Climate & Security.

03/04/14 Around the Web: Small Business Majority
Extreme Weather Puts Economic Chill on North Carolina Small Businesses
Extreme weather events have been front-page news lately, especially with the U.S. experiencing record storms across much of the country and devastating droughts in the West. Research shows small businesses are especially susceptible to financial ruin after an extreme weather event. It?s not surprising then that Small Business Majority's polling found nearly 1 in 5 North Carolina small business owners had to lay off workers after they were negatively impacted by an extreme weather event.

01/28/14 E2 Press: E2 Co-Founders Bob Epstein and Nicole Lederer
E2 Co-Founders Named in List of 100 Pioneers of the New Economy
E2 Co-Founders Bob Epstein and Nicole Lederer listed in "The Purpose Economy 100," a list "to celebrate the pioneers who are driving the evolution of our economy from one based on information to one based on people and their quest for purpose". The list was compiled based on hundreds of nominations across the country.

01/09/14 E2 Press: Release
E2: California Gov. Brown's Budget Proposal Will Benefit State's Economy and Environment
California Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed budget, which includes major funding for energy efficiency, renewable energy development and low-carbon transportation programs, will keep the state moving in the right direction on developing clean energy and reducing carbon pollution, according to Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2).

12/09/13 E2 Press: Opinion
Want Economic Growth and Good Jobs? Plan for a Low-Carbon Future
Smart companies realize that carbon pollution and climate change have an impact - and will continue to have an impact - on their bottom lines.

11/21/13 E2 Press: E2 Report
More than 15,000 Clean Energy/Clean Transportation Jobs announced in Q3 2013
Top 10 States for Job Announcements in Q3: Calif., Nev., N.Y., Mich., Texas, Ky., S.C., Fla., Tenn., and N.M.

11/05/13 E2 Press: Avi Jacobson Honored by White House
A Better Way
E2 Member Avi Jacobson is being honored as a Veteran Advancing Clean Energy and Climate Security Champion of Change. Avi Jacobson is the Senior Sustainable Energy Coordinator at the Washington State Housing Finance Commission.

11/05/13 E2 Press: Member OpEd: Naveen Sikka
Carbon limits benefit agriculture
E2 Member Naveen Sikka, founder and CEO of TerViva, in the San Antonio Express-News.

10/31/13 E2 Press: Press Release
First Markey Senate Bill Creates Jobs, Quadruples America's Clean Electricity Production
Washington--(ENEWSPF) - New legislation would create 400,000 jobs, save $90 billion for households by 2030. E2 Member Nancy Pfund quoted.

10/18/13 E2 Press: Member's Company Featured
Venture Capitalists Drive Tractors Too
A profile of The Funding Farm (www.thefundingfarm.com), a business-development and investment firm founded by E2 Member David Kolsrud, also President of DAK Renewable Energy. Full article can also be found here.

10/07/13 E2 Press: Radio
E2 Executive Director Judith Albert on Green Is Good Radio
"Its not the economy versus the environment," Albert explains. "What we need to do is adopt policies that support a strong economy that is also environmentally sound." Judith Albert originally appeared on Green is Good on October 7, 2013.

09/20/13 E2 Press: Release
E2: EPA Carbon Pollution Limits Will Increase Clean Energy Investment, Improve National Security
New Environmental Protection Agency standards that for the first time will limit carbon pollution from new power plants will also help drive growth in the clean energy industry - and help improve our national security.

09/04/13 E2 Publication: Report
Colorado Water Supply and Climate Change: A Business Perspective
From the Rocky Mountain Chapter of E2. Find the Executive Summary here.

08/28/13 E2 Announcement: Website Launch
Clean Energy Works For Us
How clean energy is driving economic growth and creating jobs across America

08/28/13 E2 Publication: Report
2013 Second Quarter Clean Energy and Clean Transportation Jobs Report
Clean Energy Works For Us: 2013 Second Quarter Snapshot

08/27/13 E2 Publication: Report
Advanced Biofuel Market Report 2013
Capacity through 2016

08/26/13 E2 Publication: Joint Report with EDF
Biodiesel in California: Companies Fueling Positive Change
New Case Study Shows Rapid Growth of Biodiesel Industry in California

08/19/13 E2 Press: Member In the News
Trash Into Gas, Efficiently? An Army Test May Tell
The United States Army will be the first to test a system by Sierra Energy to turn waste -- whether banana peels, used syringes, old iPods, even raw sewage -- into fuel. Featuring E2 Member Mike Hart, CEO of Sierra Energy.

08/16/13 E2 Publication: Report
Fueling Growth: How Clean Fuel Companies are Fueling Economic Growth in California and Beyond
Advanced biofuel production is creating a clean, domestic industry that's fueling more than just our vehicles - it's also fueling our economy.

08/12/13 E2 Press: Member Opinion
Ed Rendell and Jacob Susman: Clean Energy Progress
E2 Member Jacob Susman, Founder and CEO of OwnEnergy, co-authors a column with Ed Rendell, governor of Pennsylvania from 2003 to 2011.

07/18/13 E2 Press: Release: New EPA Administrator Confirmed
New EPA Administrator Understands Economic Benefits of Good Environmental Policy
E2 statement on the Senate confirmation of Gina McCarthy as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

07/17/13 E2 Press: MemberOpEd
Nicole Lederer: Addressing Climate Change Grows Our Economy, Creates Jobs
E2 Co-Founder Nicole Lederer on addressing climate change

07/08/13 E2 Press: MemberOpEd
David F. Welch: Obama's climate leadership protects, grows economy
E2 member David F. Welch in The Morning Call

07/01/13 E2 Press: MemberOpEd
John Santoleri: Time for transition to clean energy
E2 member John Santoleri in The Journal News

06/30/13 E2 Press: Member OpEd
Steve Flick: Missouri businesses, farmers should support President Obama's climate plan
E2 Member Steve Flick in The Kansas City Star

06/27/13 E2 Press: Member OpEd
John B. Robbins: Obama's tackling of climate change will help N.C. economy
E2 Member John B. Robbins in a special to the Charlotte Observer.

06/25/13 E2 Press: Release: President's Climate Change Plan
E2: President's Climate Change Plan Will Help Environment, Economy
President Obama's plans to cut carbon pollution while increasing renewable energy development and energy efficiency is good for the environment but also good for the economy.

06/25/13 E2 Press: Keystone XL runs contrary to the national interest
The Hill: E2 Northern California Director Tony Bernhardt writes that Keystone XL should not be built
In an article published in The Hill, E2 Northern California Director Tony Bernhardt writes that Keystone XL should not be built.

06/17/13 Around the Web: ICF Report
ICF report finds California LCFS can be achieved with modest changes in diversity of fuels
"..The report, "California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard: Compliance Outlook for 2020" was prepared by consultancy ICF International for CalETC (California Electric Transportation Coalition), in partnership with the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition, the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), the Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA), Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), and Ceres."

06/04/13 E2 Press: Release: CEJN Q1 2013 Report Published
More than 12,000 Clean Energy, Clean Transportation Jobs Announced in Q1
Mass., Calif., Ind. N.C., Mich., Nev., Tex. Md., Hawaii, and Minn. lead country; First-quarter job growth came despite attempts to repeal clean energy standards in numerous states.

06/04/13 E2 Publication: E2 Clean Energy Jobs Q1 2013
First Quarter 2013 Clean Energy Jobs Roundup

05/01/2013 E2 Advocacy: DC Advocacy Trip Recap
RX for an Ailing Economy: Home-Grown Clean Energy

04/25/13 E2 Press: E2 Co-Founder Nicole Lederer Opinion
Rural America Tells Washington: Clean Energy Works for Us
E2 Co-Founder Nicole Lederer on the changing face of the clean energy industry.

04/10/13 Around the Web: Opinion - Chpt. Dir. Tony Bernhardt on Keystone XL
Anthony Bernhardt: On Keystone XL

04/09/13 E2 Press: Member LTE, NC Renewable Energy Standards
Politico: Letter to the editor (E2 Member John Robbins)
E2 Member John Robbins in a joint LTE on North Carolina's renewable energy standards.

04/07/13 E2 Press: Member OpEd
Is renewable energy law good for N.C.?
E2 Member John Robbins authors a special to The Charlotte Observer.

3/6/2013 E2 Press: Release: CEJN Q4 2012 Report Published
More than 110,000 Clean Energy, Clean Transportation Jobs Announced in 2012
CA, NC, FL, Ill., Conn., AZ, NY, Mich., Texas and Ore. lead country in 2012; But Job Growth Being Threatened in Statehouses Nationwide

3/6/2013 E2 Publication: E2 Report: Clean Energy Jobs
Clean Energy Jobs Quarterly Report: Q4 2012 and the year in review
Announcements from the fourth quarter of 2012 and a review of the year.

02/12/2013 E2 Press: Member Viewpoint
Attacking Low Carbon Fuel Standard is bad policy
Mike Hart is the CEO of Sierra Energy and a member of Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), a national community of business leaders who believe that sound environmental policy builds economic prosperity.

02/08/13 E2 Press: Member Viewpoint
Ask What You Can Do for Your Country: Combating Climate Threats to Our National Security
Lt. Gen. Norm Seip retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2009, after 35 years of active duty service. Retired Brigadier General Steven M. Anderson is a 31-year Army veteran, who served as chief of logistics for multinational forces in Iraq from 2006-2007. Both are members of E2.

02/08/13 E2 Press: Member Viewpoint
Let's say no to farming out our national security; let's say yes to farmers and businesses
E2 Members Steve Flick and John Castellaw with a guest column in the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

02/06/13 E2 Announcement: FuelingGrowth.org launch
Clean fuels are growing jobs in CA
Top 5 States For Advanced Biofuel Companies: Calif., Ill., Colo., Texas and Iowa; New Web Site at www.FuelingGrowth.org Documents Impact of Growing Industry

02/05/13 E2 Press: E2 OpEd
Doing More with Less: Biofuels and Rural Economic Development
Mary Solecki directs the Clean Fuels Program for Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2).

2/4/13 E2 Announcement: Partner Event
ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit - Feb. 25-27

1/29/13 E2 Announcement: Partner Event
ACORE National Renewable Energy Policy Forum - Feb 5, 6

01/6/13 Around the Web: E2 Member Featured In Press
Looking to sky to fight climate change
E2 Member Armand Neukermans featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article about geoengineering.

12/14/12 E2 Press: Press Release: E2 Joint Statement
Joint Statement on EPA's Final Clean Air Standards for Fine Particle Pollution
"Today, a group of business organizations representing over 150,000 businesses across the country announced their support for the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) finalized national standard for fine particle pollution. The statement, signed by the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) and Ceres, reads as follows...."

12/5/12 E2 Publication: Report
PTC Policy Inaction Hurting U.S. Wind Industry

11/30/12 E2 Press: E2 Co-Founder Opinion
Nicole Lederer: With Senate's Support, Advanced Biofuel Industry Ready for Takeoff
E2 Co-Founder Nicole Lederer in the Energy Collective, discussing the Senate decision to allow the DoD to pursue biofuel initiatives.

11/28/12 E2 Announcement: Press Release
With clear signal from Washington, growth in biofuel industry can continue
The Senate showed there is strong bipartisan support for initiatives by the Department of Defense to diversify its fuel sources and decrease its dependence on oil - initiatives that could help the private sector as well.

11/22/12 E2 Press: E2 Executive Director Opinion
Judith Albert: Credit helps generate jobs and economic benefits, keep air clean
E2 Executive Director Judith Albert on the benefits the federal PTC brings to Ohio's economy.

11/21/12 E2 Press: Member Guest Column
James Marvin: Biofuels yield military, economic dividends
James Marvin, a former Navy SEAL and current E2 member, discusses the importance of military biofuels investments

11/14/12 E2 Announcement: Press Release
The Economic Benefits of Military Biofuels
Plans in Congress to kill military biofuels programs could also derail $10 billion+ in economic activity;creation of more than 14,000 jobs, study finds

11/14/12 E2 Press: Member in the news
A 'Green' Gold Rush? Calif. Firm Turns Trash To Gas
CEO of Sierra Energy and E2 Member Mike Hart discusses the business of turning waste into fuel.

11/13/12 E2 Event: Event Transcript
Transcript: E2 Live Post-Election Panel: What Next for Energy and Environmental Policy? TeleSalon
As part of the E2 Washington Forum on November 13, we are hosting a live webinar discussion with three leading analysts of American politics to examine what the election outcomes mean for energy and environmental policy. Did the voters provide a signal on energy and climate? How will energy issues play into the deficit debate?

11/8/12 E2 Announcement: Press Release
E2 Q3 Clean Energy Jobs Report Press Release
10,800+ Clean Energy Jobs Announced in Q3 2012, but Political, Regulatory Uncertainty Takes Toll; Top 10 States in Q3: Calif., NY, Ore. Wash. N.M., TX, NC, Minn. Ill. Nev.

10/16/12 E2 Press: OpEd
California and the U.S. Military: A Powerful Partnership for Clean Energy
E2 Co-Founder Nicole Lederer on CA's Energy Security Coordination Act.

10/17/12 E2 Event: Recap
Mission Critical, Portland, Oct 11
Event Recap of Portland Oregon Mission Critical Event.

10/4/12 E2 Press: OpEd
Military leads in clean energy deployment
E2 PNW Chapter Director Chris Dennett on Clean Energy and the Military, as well as an upcoming E2 Event on Oct 11 in Portland, OR.

9/26/12 E2 Press: OpEd
Proposed Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay threatens Seattle's salmon industry
E2 PNW Chapter Directors Mark Liffmann and Michael Brian Orr weigh in on Alaska's Bristol Bay, a mega-mine proposed by foreign mining interests, and salmon jobs and businesses in Seattle that could be lost.

9/17/12 Around the Web:
Member Report: Red, White & Green - America's Clean Tech Jobs
By E2 Member Nancy Pfund and Michael Lazar. Report from DBL Investors.

08/23/12 Around the Web:
DOE Highlights E2's Clean Energy Jobs Report
E2 Report Referenced by DOE

09/08/12 E2 Press:
Member Op-Ed: The New A-Team for California Clean Energy
By Nicole Lederer.

11/05/13 E2 Press: Dave Belote Honored by White House
Energy Independence, Military Readiness, and Economic Growth:Clean Energy Leads to National Security
E2 Member Dave Belote is being honored as a Veteran Advancing Clean Energy and Climate Security Champion of Change. Dave Belote, Vice President for Federal Business at Apex Clean Energy, works to create mission-compatible renewable energy solutions for military installations, public lands, and the outer continental shelf.

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