February 29, 2012
Thursday, November 6, 2014 (3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Eastern)
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014 (6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Pacific)
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- E2's first ever state-wide event
- E2 members meet with Governor, Attorney General and Senate President
- E2 and Massachusetts Governor tour E2 Director's Net Energy Home
- Water supply and quantity can be improved through green infrastructure
- Get to Know E2 San Diego Chapter Director Carl Nettleton
- March 15 event: Mission Critical Clean Energy and the U.S. Military
-Update on E2's Linked-In Group
CA Advocacy Roundtable Recap  

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In our first ever state-wide Advocacy Roundtable, we connected members at four locations - San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Diego, and Santa Monica - with members on the phone to discuss upcoming policy issues in CA. We heard from E2 and NRDC experts on four issues: AB 2197, a bill to modernize an ineffective California flame retardant standard; SB 843, the Community-Based Renewable Energy Self-Generation Program; the California Fuel Purchase Program; and AB 32 Implementation and Auction Revenues.

Each location prioritized the issues differently, but the general consensus was for E2 to work on all four issues this year. In addition to the issues discussed at the Advocacy Roundtable, water issues continue to be a priority for California, and we will follow relevant policy items closely.

Modernizing California’s flame retardant standard
Formally introduced on Friday, February 24, Assembly Bill 2197 (Mitchell) will modernize Technical Bulletin 117 or TB...read more >

E2 New England Brings the Case for Clean Energy  

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  Governor Deval Patrick
E2 Joins Broad Coalition to Protect Green Communities Act
With Massachusetts’ landmark energy bill, the Green Communities Act (GCA), under attack by powerful opponents, E2 has been working to defend the law and also make important improvements. During the past months, E2 joined with a broad coalition of over 20 different groups and businesses -- including the New England Clean Energy Council, CERES, Conservation Law Foundation, Health Care Without Harm, the Progressive Business Leaders Network and many others to work together to preserve the best features of the GCA, while recommending a few improvements to ensure that the Act reaches its full potential.

Governor Patrick Reiterates Clean Energy Commitment
On February 22nd leaders of the GCA coalition, including E2 New England Director Berl Hartman, met with Massachusetts’ Governor Deval Patrick to discuss the threat to the GCA and other pressing environmental and energy challenges.  Our primary goal...read more >

House of the Future  

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  Gov Patrick and Dave Miller
E2 New England Director David Miller and his wife Karen have proven that it’s possible to build a fully sustainable and comfortable net-zero energy house in a neighborhood close to Boston. This is the first single-family residence within walking distance of Boston's ‘T’ that was designed to be net-zero energy and LEED Platinum. On May 9, 2012, the Millers opened their “home of the future” for a tour by E2 members and friends.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Massachusetts Secretary, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Richard Sullivan, State Representatives Ruth Balser and Kay Kahn, State Senator Marc Pacheco and Newton Mayor Setti Warren were among the many interested guests at the popular event.

Dave Miller, managing director of Clean Energy Venture Group, explained that he and Karen built this home in Newton, Massachusetts in a way...read more >

Water: the Oil of the 21st Century  

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   Water: The Oil of the 21st Century
On February 8, E2 hosted a webinar on ‘green infrastructure’ and how we can better manage rainfall to protect our water supply.   With the growth of urban and suburban development, we have built more impervious surfaces.  As a consequence, an increasing amount of rainwater is flowing into gutters and water treatment systems, bringing pollutants with it and causing systems to overflow.  That runoff has a particularly high cost in a state like California, where water transportation is one of the largest users of energy and rainwater capture represents a significant opportunity to increase the energy-efficient supply of water.

Green infrastructure is an approach to stormwater management that captures rainwater for infiltration into the ground or for onsite use.  Whereas traditional solutions involve cement and pipe systems that convey rainwater from where it falls, green infrastructure manages...read more >

E2 Member Profile  

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  Carl Nettleton
“At Nettleton Strategies, we try to create a sense of trust and a safe place for discussing and resolving issues.  Participatory mapping is often the starting point for a process that leads to positive dialogue and relationship building.”  

Throughout his career, Carl Nettleton has used joint fact-finding and visualization tools to resolve issues - his management consulting firm, Nettleton Strategies, is based on this process.  Since joining E2 in December 2010, he has brought this expertise to E2 and is currently helping to build the San Diego chapter by listening, fact-finding and facilitating discussions with chapter members and local experts.

As a delegate on the 2011 Washington, D.C. advocacy trip, Carl used his expertise to learn how individual elected offices viewed E2 issues while helping to highlight the need for using intelligent maps to create sustainably managed oceans that will benefit the...read more >

The D.O.D. as a Driver for Clean Tech Innovation  

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  US Navy F/18 running on biofuel
For the past 18 months, E2 has been engaged with the Department of Defense regarding their energy security initiatives. DOD’s aggressive push for reducing fossil fuel dependence and utilizing low-carbon renewables is poising them to be a key driver of clean energy innovation in America.  The White House has recently made budget proposals in which it makes clear its intentions to fund clean energy through the DOD.

E2 has partnered with Climate Solutions to put together an EcoSalon on March 15, centered on the relationship between clean energy and the US military.  Speakers will include Congressman Adam Smith: Ranking Member of the Armed Services Committee, Ray Smalling: Utility and Energy Manager of Naval Station Everett, and James Marvin: Navy SEAL (ret) and Founder of Federal Green Solutions, who will all discuss the military’s transition to clean energy, the...read more >

Social Media Update  

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We are now up to 147 members on our LinkedIn group!  We encourage you to join if you haven't already (members only.) 

Moving forward, we would like to see members  utilizing our LinkedIn for more discussion.  This forum is a great  resource to get in touch with fellow E2 members.

See below for some interesting statistics on our group.

 Join our LinkedIn group (members only) and follow us on Twitter (open to all).

The LinkedIn group provides members with the opportunity to connect with other members across the country, and we hope that our members-only LinkedIn forum will allow you to use each other as a resource and sounding board for ideas that relate to E2’s work.
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NRDC Growing Green Awards  

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NRDC is pleased to announce the fourth annual Growing Green Awards taking place on Wednesday, May 16, 2012, at the Palace of Fine Arts Rotunda in San Francisco. Along with our special guests who will be in attendance that evening, we will gather to honor the winners of NRDC’s 2012 Growing Green Awards--new pioneers in sustainable farming and food. Through this national award, NRDC recognizes extraordinary contributions that advance ecologically integrated farming practices, climate and water stewardship, in addition to farmland preservation. For more information on the awards, 2012 GGA judges, and past winners, please visit www.nrdc.org/growinggreen.

NRDC is also excited to announce that we have secured a fantastic new venue for NRDC's 2012 Growing Green Awards. The festivities will take place at the Palace of Fine Arts Rotunda. In an effort to highlight sustainable farming and food as it relates to the theme...read more >