E2 brings the business voice to environmental policymaking by connecting our members directly with lawmakers; by amplifying their voices in the media and the public and by producing and disseminating research on the economic advantages of smart environmental policies.

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E2 puts its members front and center in the press, on the air and online to give the business perspective on environmental issues. E2 has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the San Jose Mercury News and numerous other publications.

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E2’s reports on clean energy jobs, energy efficiency, clean fuels and other issues are cited and used widely. Through our weekly Capital Updates, chapter newsletters, alerts and other materials, our members stay abreast of issues and policies that affect their businesses and their environment.

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Through local events hosted by our nine regional chapters; monthly online Webinars and national gatherings, our members can learn about important environmental issues and connect with like-minded business leaders, investors and others, creating lasting relationships and partnerships.

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E2's 6th Annual DC Forum: Nov 15-16, 2016 (Washington DC)

Join E2 for its 6th annual Members-only Washington, DC Forum. E2 members will have a unique opportunity to get hands-on advocacy and media training from experts, attend high-level briefings with senior government officials and thought leaders on current policy debates, and meet with leaders in Congress and the Administration on our policy priorities. They will get an inside perspective on advancing a clean energy agenda in the last months of the Obama Administration when several of E2’s priority issues will be in play. They will also have a chance to meet E2 members from around the country – an inspiring group of entrepreneurs, investors and executives – who work with E2 to work towards a clean economy. Contact ying@e2.org with any questions

District Economic Facts From Climate Policies (California)

New analysis from E2 shows that California’s landmark Global Warming Solutions Act has created thousands of jobs and injected billions of dollars in economic benefits in every Assembly district in the state. SB 32 will expand on those gains, and requires action from state legislation. See more from our landing page here. Find out more about the benefits of SB32 in this article from the LA Times and this editorial from the Mercury News.

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Tell Ohio Lawmakers to Reinstate the State's Very Successful Clean Energy Standards

The state of Ohio will soon be considering many energy policies including the future of the state’s clean energy standards. As you are probably aware, Ohio’s energy efficiency standards and renewable energy standards were frozen by Senate Bill 310 two years ago. These standards helped grow the clean energy industry and saved consumers and businesses on their utility bills. Not only are business owners eager to have the standards reinstated, but the cities of Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Toledo have passed resolutions supporting the standards.

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