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GreenBiz: Why low-carbon advocates large and small should speak up

GreenBiz featured a story on the all E2 panel at GreenBiz 18. The 4-member panel focused on the increasing need for clean energy business leaders of all sizes to engage on advocacy matters and make their voices heard to lawmakers on federal and state policies.

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Trump's 'Energy Dominance' Vision Sets Sights on Gutting Clean Energy Research

“Tuesday night President Trump failed to even mention a single clean energy industry. Now he is not just ignoring clean energy, it is looking like he wants to wipe out its future.

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Trump Blocks Clean Job Growth w/ Tariffs on Solar Industry

“The president’s decision today targeting the solar industry once again puts campaign rhetoric before real-world consequences. America can expect to see reduced job growth, canceled construction projects increased energy costs and more damage to our environment from fossil fuels.” - Bob Keefe, E2 Executive Director

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Solar Leaders React to Trump Tariff Decision

“Solar is the cheapest and fastest-growing energy source on the planet, and one of the top sectors of job growth in the US. A solar tariff would cause solar panel prices to spike domestically, and hurt my solar business in Colorado, as it would many other solar businesses across the country. American interests will not be served by using tariffs to decimate our solar industry.” - Whitney Painter, Owner of Buglet Solar Electric

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Clean Jobs Midwest

How many clean energy jobs are there in the region's 12 states? E2 partnered with Clean Energy Trust to find out.

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