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Meet the Inaugural Members of the 1 Hotels Fellowship at E2

E2 and 1 Hotels are delighted to introduce the inaugural class of the 1 Hotels Fellowship at E2. Over the next year, these future leaders will work to advance policies that are good for the economy and good for the environment through 10 exciting clean energy projects.

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Clean Jobs Nevada

There are 31,000 clean energy jobs in Nevada, according to a new report E2 released with Las Vegas-based Clean Energy Project in connection with the 2017 National Clean Energy Summit.

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Clean Jobs Colorado

There are 66,000 clean energy jobs in Colorado, according to a new report from E2 and our partners at the Energy Efficiency Business Coalition.

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Mapping Clean Energy: New York

A series of interactive maps showing the breadth and depth of the Empire State's thriving clean energy industry, released to coincide with #CWNYC 2017.

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Clean Jobs Pennsylvania

There are 70,000 clean energy jobs in Pennsylvania, according to a new report from E2 and our partners at the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance.

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Clean Jobs Midwest

How many clean energy jobs are there in the region's 12 states? E2 partnered with Clean Energy Trust to find out.

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