E2 Advocacy

Since its inception, E2 has been recognized as a leader in advocating for policies that protect the environment while building economic prosperity. The dedication of E2’s members and staff has led to many achievements over the years.

E2 members from across the country come to Washington to meet with lawmakers, White House officials and agency leadership to discuss policies that are good for the economy and good for the environment. (January 2016 photo)

Our successes include:

  • Gaining support for the federal Clean Power Plan to cut carbon emissions from power plants; driving growth in clean energy
  • Supporting the military’s use of renewable energy and biofuel, stimulating growth in clean energy markets
  • Helping pass the world’s first Clean Car Standards (California AB 1493), spurring innovation in the automobile and fuels industries
  • Helping pass the nation’s first legislation to limit global warming emissions (California’s AB 32 and the No on Prop 23 campaign), driving and innovation in clean energy
  • Helping pass the nation’s first Cap & Trade Program (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative – RGGI) that has lowered emissions by 40% since its inception in 2009 and added $1.3 billion in economic activity since 2011.
  • Advancing legislation in the Northeast to improve freshwater and coastal water protection and management, protecting coastal economies
  • Advancing renewable portfolio standards in Colorado, North Carolina, Ohio and other states
  • Helping pass low-carbon fuel legislation in California and elsewhere, spurring growth and innovation in biofuel and electric vehicle industries
  • Helping shape a cooperative effort by Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative), saving business and consumers money

Advocacy Trips


Advocacy trips to Washington, D.C. and to state capitals across the country provide interested E2 members the opportunity to meet directly with public officials.

Action Alerts


Creating a single, powerful document signed by business leaders is effective – lawmakers, opinion leaders and the media often quote E2 statements directly.



Working closely with scientists and policy experts and government affairs experts at our partner NRDC, E2 focuses only on policies that can make a real impact and a real difference in the world. We do so in ways that don’t waste our members’ time or efforts.