E2 California kept busy during the first quarter, making progress on all three of its main initiatives: extending California’s Cap and Trade program, keeping the low carbon fuel standard strong, and its new initiative, innovation in water efficiency.

Cap and Trade: along with a broader climate package, the legislature is considering extending the Cap and Trade program through 2050. E2 visited Sacramento on March 19th in support of the climate package, which also includes goals to reduce petroleum use, increase energy efficiency and renewable energy use. Our spirited delegation tackled 26 meetings over the course of the single day. These meetings provided to Capitol leadership and both sides of the aisle the economic case for greater climate action. We have some great next steps for action, and if you would like to be involved, email Mary Solecki at mary@e2.org.

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E2 delegates Trey Teall, Mark Bauhaus, and Dave Rosenheim meeting with Governor Jerry Brown during E2’s Sacramento Advocacy Trip on March 19, 2015.


Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS): California’s premiere standard for reducing carbon in the transportation sector is undergoing a re-adoption process following a court rule. E2 provided a range of support leading up to the Air Board’s hearing, including support letters, meetings with Board members, opinion pieces and more. The Air Board will meet to vote to re-adopt the LCFS this summer.

Water Efficiency: With the drought providing a backdrop of relevance, E2 is convening a series of focus meetings on water efficiency. These meetings assess innovative ways to create new markets for watertech entrepreneurs. As a natural transition within water efficiency, E2 is reaching out to farmers utilizing water and resource efficiency technologies. Understanding how we can help California’s agricultural community be water efficient is a key solution to our scarcity issues. We hope to generate policy opportunities as a result of our meetings and outreach.

– Mary Solecki is E2’s Western States Advocate.