Our Clean Jobs Count Campaign launched in May and is rapidly gathering steam!

Uniting business leaders, investors, and workers across the country, Clean Jobs Count is building a nationwide voice telling lawmakers to stand up for clean energy policies and reject any attempts to roll them back and the jobs that come with them.

Once someone signs the pledge, E2 will be able to link them to activities in their city and state, educate them about the broader clean energy economy, and encourage them to voice their support online and to their social network.

Since launching, we have run digital ads in seven states – amplifying the success of clean energy jobs to hundreds of thousands of new audiences and finding more voices to join the pledge.

Most recently, ads in Colorado linked clean transportation to the clean energy economy while new ad campaigns just launched in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Nevada, and Virginia.

All chapter events will be discussing the Clean Jobs Count campaign, but please don’t wait to sign the pledge.  You can sign the pledge right now here!

E2 will be gathering signatures all year and be integrating these new voices into our advocacy efforts, letters to lawmakers, and meetings with policy leaders to make sure they hear our message that CLEAN JOBS COUNT.