With a newly minted legislature, the 2017 California legislative session is in full swing! While California representatives are highly concerned about protecting Californians against threats to immigration and healthcare, climate issues remain a top priority for the legislature.
The Democrat super-majority in Sacramento belies the challenges ahead on E2 California’s radar. We’ll be working to secure Cap & Trade, or a similar carbon program, to meet the 2030 emissions targets now required by law. This carbon program will need a 2/3rds majority vote – a difficult task in a diverse state like California. E2 will be providing the economic data to support the continuance of this flagship climate program.
Another priority issue for our chapters is an expansion and modernization of our power grid. California is looking to partner with other states on a regional grid. This will not only expand the market for California wind & solar, but provide incentives for other western states to develop renewable energy to sell into California. The proposed plan will save Californians millions. Despite being an economic and environmental win, the plan is complex, and will be a tough road. E2 will work with legislators to provide the business case for more renewable energy and associated jobs.