E2 California has been highly involved in the effort to extend our Cap-and-Trade program this year. For us, this is personal. It's not only the most effective, market-driven way to ensure emission reductions, but it's also the product of one of E2's earliest advocacy efforts. In times when the news out of Washington about climate and clean energy is dire, we need bold state, local and business leaders to prove that carbon reduction programs work.

And that's exactly what an assessment of California's program shows: business is booming. In an effort to detail local impacts from our climate policies, we published an economic analysis  by state legislative district, of clean energy job and investments. We found over $45 billion of investments statewide, with $1.2 billion coming from Cap-and-Trade so far. We have almost 520,000 Californians employed in clean energy. We lead the nation with this staggering economic activity – it is no coincidence that we also have the strongest climate policies. Other states vying for jobs and investments might take notice.

In June alone, we took two groups, totaling 17 E2 members to Sacramento to meet directly with 34 lawmakers (including Sacramento’s most influential Republicans), and shared this economic success story. We shared the message with journalists  and across social media with an ad campaign. We have weighed in directly with key negotiators about how to structure a program that continues to drive results for business. 

Still, our work is not done. The bar is high with a 2/3 supermajority vote needed, and Governor Brown is caught between divergent interests coming from environmental justice advocates and fossil fuel interests. E2 is committed to helping lawmakers see the economic value of Cap-and-Trade, without negotiating away the environmental integrity that California deserves.

For now, stay tuned. Know that your support of E2 allows these important efforts on behalf of our economy and our environment.

Photo: E2 Co-founders Bob Epstein and Nicole Lederer along with E2 members and staff in Sacramento.