E2 California continues to focus on extending the state’s climate reduction package beyond 2020. This will set a 40% emission reduction target by 2030, and would support the state’s obligations to the federal Clean Power Plan and also the Paris accord.

To encourage legislators to vote for a bill currently before the State Assembly, E2 is putting together economic fact sheets that will demonstrate the value of California’s climate laws to districts across the state. We’ll be pairing up with key business messengers from these districts to deliver this message to legislators both in the district and in Sacramento.
August is a pivotal month to pass the legislation, and we will be visiting Sacramento on Tuesday August 9th (we moved from the previous date of August 10). Please reach out to me if you would like to join us!
In coming newsletters, we will update you on our other priorities this year, including water efficiency and shared mobility.

Mary Solecki is E2’s Western States Advocate based in California.