Within the first months of the year, E2 welcomed three new chapter directors to our accomplished leadership.

Nancy D. Israel is our newest E2 New England chapter director.  Nancy is passionate about clean energy policy and about the role businesses and investors can play in the transition to a low carbon, sustainable future.  Nancy was inspired to become an E2 member in December 2015 by Berl Hartman, New England Chapter leader, after attending an E2 event that Berl organized: “Tipping Point for Climate Action: Paris and Beyond.”  Shortly thereafter, Nancy and Berl connected on climate policy and advocacy and Nancy quickly became immersed in working with Berl on E2 New England’s clean energy policy and advocacy activities.  In her day job, Nancy is a business lawyer and climate change and sustainability consultant.  Nancy’s background includes Managing Partner of a business law firm and International Counsel and partner at Ernst & Young.  She has served as a Senior Advisor to Ceres, a nonprofit whose mission is mobilizing investors and businesses for a sustainable global economy, where she previously was in the Insurance Program.  Nancy speaks and writes frequently about climate change and sustainability, including the Ceres reports “Inaction on Climate Change: The Cost to Taxpayers” and “Insurance Products that Enable the Transition to a Sustainable Future.”  Since becoming a member, Nancy’s expertise and dedication has already proven invaluable in her work with the New England chapter.

Caroline E. Bassett is one of E2’s new directors of our New York Metro chapter. Caroline is a communications professional specializing in environmental and sustainability issues. Before launching Bassett Media Relations, LLC in 2008, Caroline’s career evolved from one in politics; to working in production for a major television network; and later to mastering public relations skills at a boutique corporate P.R. firm in NYC. With Bassett Media Relations (BMR), she has synthesized all of the expertise and knowledge mastered in her previous roles, and used it to help educate clients and the public on sustainable challenges facing this planet. Caroline is a longtime supporter of E2’s partner organization, NRDC. Caroline became an E2 member in 2014, and in her new role as Chapter Director, Caroline looks forward to utilizing her media relations expertise to help with media outreach for various E2 projects.

Rich Kassel is the second of E2’s newest directors of our New York Metro chapter. As Senior Vice President of GNA’s east coast operations, Rich advises clients on environmental policy matters in New York, Washington, and in countries around the world. Much of Rich’s work involves helping clients understand complex, emerging issues involving diverse government, industry, and non-profit stakeholders. He is a nationally and internationally recognized expert on transportation, air pollution, clean energy, and climate change policy who often advises governments, corporations, international organizations, non-profit organizations, and funders as they implement new programs. Rich is a former NRDC Senior Attorney, and became an E2 member in December 2014. Rich’s expertise in a wide breadth of environmental areas will be incredibly valuable to E2’s advocacy work at the state and local levels in New York.

We are thrilled to welcome Nancy, Caroline, and Rich to the E2 team.