1) Clean Cars Campaign

E2 will use jobs data, business voices and our communications resources to defend fuel economy standards while promoting advanced transportation technologies, including smart highways, low carbon fuels, and charging stations.

2) Tax Extenders

Some incentives vital to clean energy (including those for commercial energy efficiency and renewables like small hydropower and geothermal) were left out of the tax bill passed at the end of 2017 and are now in a “tax extenders” bill. We want to ensure that these get long term extensions and that bad provisions which negatively impact clean technologies are removed.

3) Appropriations

In 2018, business voices will again be needed to push back against Draconian cuts to clean energy R&D programs, energy efficiency standards and clean transportation programs.

4) Offshore Drilling

E2 is assembling business data and voices to make the business case against offshore drilling that can harm our coastal economies.

5) Infrastructure Legislation

Long talked about bill must ensure renewable energy and grid resilience are prioritized.