Throughout 2017, awareness of E2 and its members reached new heights driven by a wave of state jobs reports that garnered media attention national and locally across the country. We also have reached an unprecedented level of new social media audiences.

  • Since October, E2 and its members have been covered in Politico, E&E News, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Associated Press, Morning Consult, Clean Technica, Dallas Morning News, U.S. News & World Report, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Midwest Energy News, Daily Kos, and more.
  • E2’s Facebook Page reached more than 1.5 million unique users, and its 38 posts since October 1 garnered nearly 20,000 likes, over 5,000 shares and 1800 comments.
  • On Twitter, E2 tweets received over 1600 retweets and likes while reaching over 212,000 users since October 1.

In 2018, we are aiming to do more to impact the public dialogue on our issues and increase our coverage in both traditional and digital media. To do so, we plan to find new ways to leverage E2 members’ expertise and making your individual voices a bigger part of the conversation.

Combined with a concerted effort to turn online supporters into clean jobs advocates, we are working to increase our members’ engagement with reporters for on and off-the-record interviews. By becoming a resource for questions on new legislation, analysis of reports, or just a sounding board for potential story ideas, E2 business leaders can directly influence how topics and policies are covered by the media from the start.

If you are interested in engaging more on policy matters with media, please reach out to me at