• At the beginning of September, we worked with Clean Energy Trust to release the second annual survey Clean Jobs Midwest. This report showed that the clean energy job growth across the Midwest – from renewable energy to energy efficiency – is occurring almost SIX times faster than overall job growth in the region. Over 70 press outlets throughout the Midwest talked about the report and the findings were amplified by elected across the political spectrum including two Republican Governors, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.
  • Since the release of Clean Jobs Midwest, we’ve been able to reinforce an important message in the media and with elected officials, that the Midwest clean energy economy is strong and growing! We’ve published op-eds in Iowa, Michigan and Missouri that highlight our clean energy jobs data.
  • In December, we held a celebration of clean energy job growth in Illinois with Governor Rauner. We had a over 70 people turn out, press came from all major TV outlets and we got the Governor on record supporting clean energy after nearly a year of silence on the issue. We’re confident his statements will provide support as we work to implement and strengthen our clean energy policies in Illinois and beyond.

You can reach Micaela at micaela@e2.org.

Governor Rauner at the podium with Jon Carson from Trajectory Energy Partners, Will Kenworthy from Inter Energy and Rob Scheuermann from SoCore Energy // Josh Mogerman