As part of our “More Jobs, Less Carbon” campaign in support of the EPA Clean Power Plan, E2 has significantly ramped up its work in several states critical to ensuring national success – raising the voice of business leaders on the need for action on one of the most important actions our country will take to tackle climate change. 

In partnership with local allies, E2 has held about a dozen business-focused events with local mayors and others throughout Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio and Missouri (in cities ranging from Marquette, Mich. to Normal, Ill.) that have attracted over 200 business leaders, garnered media coverage and raised awareness of the economic benefits of the Clean Power Plan. We are also working in Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania to put together similar events.

A good example of this is our work in Iowa. With our new Midwest Advocate Gail Parson leading the way, we identified, recruited and trained a group of business leaders as advocates and recently led them to meet in person with Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds to discuss the economic benefits of cutting carbon. We also launched a statewide radio tour putting our Iowa members and business friends on the airwaves talking about the benefits of the Clean Power Plan. We have also has helped develop and place several opinion pieces in Iowa newspapers from these messengers, including this one in the Des Moines Register that appeared on the same day E2 met with Gov. Branstad. We hope to replicate these successful tactics in all of our key states.

One important part of supporting the Clean Power Plan is continuing to tell the story of clean energy’s success. Through our web site, we have been highlighting good clean energy stories in the states; and E2’s quarterly clean energy jobs reports continue to garner hundreds of stories in media outlets nationwide highlighting the economic benefits of clean energy. We also put together a clean energy job census in Illinois that garnered widespread media attention and highlighted the importance of clean energy for lawmakers, the press and the public. In addition, E2 has developed state-specific fact sheets, talking points and other detailed information on its. These materials are useful for the press, public and our advocates, including several E2 members who testified or were present at EPA public hearings and listening sessions in Atlanta, Denver and Washington DC.

Implementing the Clean Power Plan is a long term campaign, but E2 is rising to the challenge. Keep track of our work on our “More Jobs, Less Carbon” web site. And email me at if you want to get more involved.

Marc Boom is E2’s Director of Advocacy. Contact him at