Chapter Directors:

Judith Albert
Caroline E. Bassett
Ron Kamen
Rich Kassel
Wendy Neu

E2 New York has over 100 members and has tackled issues such as clean vehicle incentives, electronic waste recycling, tire efficiency, net metering for renewable energy, watershed protection.

The chapter has provided business support for and comments on NY State Energy Plan’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), which aims to improve the efficiency, reliability and resiliency of our electricity system. The plan calls for more distributed energy resources, increased customer engagement in energy management, and greater reliance on markets and private capital.

One of E2 New York’s main priorities in the coming months and years is Clean Power New York, a statewide coalition campaign to phase out fossil fuels and rapidly shift to a clean energy economy. The campaign will achieve its goals by advancing a range of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean transportation solutions. Through educating and activating the public, engaging local governments, and collaborating with businesses and other organizations, Clean Power NY’s work will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support high quality, local job creation and community revitalization, improved public health, and a more resilient grid.  As part of this campaign, E2 released a Clean Job New York study in March 2016.  Contact Ying Li for more information.