Chapter Directors:

Judith Albert
Caroline E. Bassett
Ron Kamen
Rich Kassel


Since 2002, E2 New York has been leading the charge on an ambitious set of issues, ranging from implementation of New York State Energy Plan’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) to New York joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. In recent years, the New York Metro chapter has expanded its reach to other states such as New Jersey and has established itself as a regional leader on climate, clean energy, and environmental policy.


  • Taking Comprehensive Action on Climate
  • Modernizing and Electrifying Our Transportation System
  • Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition
  • Expanding Access to Energy Efficiency Jobs


  • In April 2019, E2 released Clean Jobs New York, a report that details the growth of jobs in fields such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean vehicles across the Empire State
  • In May 2019, E2 released Clean Jobs New Jersey, detailing and mapping — first the first time in the Garden State — New Jersey’s clean energy economy
  • E2 New York accomplishes much of its worth through its partnerships in New York and the Tri-State Area, including through New Yorkers for Clean Power, the Energy Foundation’s New Jersey Business Table, and Our Transportation Future


  • Helped lead business efforts to advance offshore wind and energy efficiency policies
  • Led business efforts to advance regional greenhouse gas limits for vehicles in nine
    Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states
  • Led business advocacy that helped pass new requirements mandating food waste be donated or recycled


Interested in learning more? Want to help us advance our clean energy goals from New York City, to Albany, to Capitol Hill? Reach out to Eastern States Advocate Noah Dubin at to start receiving updates on supporting E2’s policy efforts in your area – including attending upcoming events, participating in advocacy campaigns, receiving our email newsletters, and more!