WorkersIn 2011, E2 noticed an outpouring of stories questioning the health and growth of the clean energy economy. This just didn’t agree with the reality we’re seeing in our daily work. All across America, we’re witnessing clean energy jobs being created almost every day — helping to rebuild our economy, address our energy problems, and improve our national security. So E2, whose 850+ members represent a broad cross-section of business leaders, including many on the front lines of clean energy, set out to document this growth by compiling job announcements from news sources around the country.

Our Clean Energy Jobs reports made such an impact that we created Clean Energy Works For Us — an ongoing series of reports, stories, and web content focused on how clean energy is driving economic growth and creating jobs across America, including an interactive, searchable, state by state visual map of clean energy job announcements.

And in March 2016, we released Clean Jobs Midwest and Clean Jobs America, some of the most comprehensive clean energy jobs analyses ever conducted.

E2’s Clean Energy Jobs reports, newsletters and state-specific data can be found here.