Actor and climate change advocate Mark Ruffalo with E2 New York chapter directors. (E2 photo)
Actor and climate change advocate Mark Ruffalo (center,left) with E2 New York chapter directors, staff and supporters. (E2 photo)

On Aug. 1, 2016. New York Gov. Andrew Cumo announced the state’s landmark Clean Energy Standard, through which New York will 50 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030.

By showing the economic benefits of smart clean energy policies, E2’s New York chapter and our partners pushed hard to get the NY Clean Energy Standard approved.

E2’s Clean Jobs New York report was released in May 2016, showing that more than 85,000 people work in the clean energy sector in New York at more than 7,500 business establishments.

E2 New York members also met with policymakers and lawmakers throughout the state; penned opinion pieces in local newspapers and took the message of how clean energy works for New York to the airwaves. We also helped launch the New Yorkers For Clean Power campaign to advance public awareness of the benefits of clean energy and energy efficiency in the Empire State.


See E2’s Clean Jobs New  York report here.  You can also search for clean energy jobs in your home county with this dynamic, searchable dashboard.

The press release for the Clean Jobs New York report is here. Press coverage of the report is available here.

By looking  at the size and scope of the state’s clean energy economy, Clean Jobs New York helps stakeholders better understand how clean energy is creating jobs — and what policies are needed now to support further gains in the future.

Some key findings:CleanJobsNY_Cover

  • Clean energy employs 85,197 people at 7,500 business establishments statewide. Energy efficiency is the largest industry in the sector, employing four out of five clean energy workers in New York.
  • Clean energy businesses anticipate growing more than 6 percent annually. That’s more than double the growth rate of the entire U.S. economy in 2015.
  • Clean energy knows no politics. Clean energy jobs are growing in legislative and congressional districts across the state. With the right policies from Albany and Washington, D.C., even more jobs can be created all across New York.

Sharable graphics for use on social media and blogs are available here: Report Cover, Overall Numbers, County Map, Energy Efficiency, and Renewables.

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