Clean Power Plan

Under the federal Clean Power Plan, we can cut harmful carbon pollution from the biggest source of such emissions – power plants – by at least 32 percent by 2030, helping to combat climate change, which is already battering the bottom lines of businesses all across America.

See here to learn how one E2 member supports the Clean Power Plan:

The Clean Power Plan will:

  • Send a clear market signal
    To businesses, investors and others that America is serious about clean energy and energy efficiency.
  • Unleash innovation
    Creating new markets; driving new equipment purcahses and injecting new capital into our economy.
  • Create jobs
    In renewable energy, energy efficiency, manufacturing and sales.

Governors can implement programs to meet the carbon limits in ways that work best for their individual states under the Clean Power Plan. The states that implement the strongest plans can expect to lead the nation in clean energy jobs and energy efficiency savings. Click here for a more in-depth look at our state and national advocacy around the Clean Power Plan.

E2 supports the Clean Power Plan and strong state implementation programs because they mean more jobs and less carbon.

And that’s good for our economy and good for our environment.


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