With more than 2.5 million Americans working in solar, wind, energy efficiency and clean vehicles, clean energy is one of the fastest-growing job sectors in today’s economy. In fact, more Americans work in clean energy than work in agriculture or real estate — or in the mining, fossil fuel extraction, pipeline and railroad industries combined.

To highlight inspiring stories from some of the youngest workers in the industry — and to create a road map to help millennials and recent high school or college graduates chart their own course to clean energy success — E2 and NRDC in April 2016 launched the Clean Power Players project.

Clean Power Players consists of a report and a video series that take you straight to the heart of some of America’s most exciting start-up clean energy companies. From a lithium-ion battery company in Chicago founded by a recent Northwestern University grad, to a rooftop solar business in central Wisconsin that’s growing thanks to the hard work of a project manager who studied at Milwaukee Technical College, Clean Power Players showcases invaluable career insights from the industry’s best, brightest — and youngest.

The press release introducing Clean Power Players is here.

All across America, clean energy is creating a bright future for young entrepreneurs and recent college grads. It’s providing a way for young professionals to stay close to home in places like the Midwest, instead of being forced to relocate for a good-paying job. And it’s creating new opportunities for young Americans who want to do good for our economy AND for our environment.

To meet the Clean Power Players — or to figure out how to begin your own clean energy journey — please watch and share our videos and check out our report. And to learn how you, or someone you know, can be featured in the Clean Power Players project, please contact jeff@e2.org.

WATCH: Clean Power Players is a new guidebook and video series by millennials, for millennials.


WATCH: Amber Gallagher is the business development manager at Solar FlexRack in Youngstown, Ohio.


WATCH: Anurag Greg is the CEO and co-founder of DATTUS, an energy technology company in Indianapolis, Indiana.


WATCH: Cory Connolly is a clean energy project manager at Levin Energy Partners in Detroit, Michigan. 


WATCH: Emily Tjeerdsma is a project architect at 2 Point Perspective in Chicago, Illinois.


WATCH: Kacie Peters is the regional director of marketing and sales at Microgrid Energy in Chicago, Illinois.


WATCH: Michael and Brian Allen are brothers and business partners at All Energy Solar in St. Paul, Minnesota. 


WATCH: Ritu Gopal is a process engineer at LanzaTech, an advanced biofuel company located in Skokie, Illinois.


WATCH: Samir Mayekar is the CEO and co-founder of SiNode Systems, an energy storage company based in Chicago.


WATCH: Stanley Minnick III is a consultant at H&H Solar Services in Madison, Wisconsin.


WATCH: Ty Benefiel is the CEO and co-founder of MeterGenius, a St. Louis-based company that helps utilities engage their customers in energy use.