Clean Energy is Growing Oregon’s Economy and Creating Jobs

How Many Clean Energy Jobs are in Your Senate District?

Clean Energy Jobs in Oregon

In May 2017, E2 released an analysis showing the breadth and depth of clean energy jobs across all 30 senate districts in Oregon. The analysis shows that clean energy is an economic growth engine that’s benefiting both red and blue districts.

If lawmakers in Salem want to grow the economy and create good jobs in their own backyards, they have an opportunity this legislative session by supporting the Clean Energy Jobs Bill.

E2’s press release rolling out our new analysis is available here.

Analysis of Oregon’s 30 Senate Districts


  1. Sen. Kruse
  2. Sen. Baertschiger Jr.
  3. Sen. DeBoer
  4. Sen. Prozanski
  5. Sen. Roblan
  6. Sen. Beyer
  7. Sen. Manning
  8. Sen. Gelser
  9. Sen. Girod
  10. Sen. Winters
  11. Sen. Courtney
  12. Sen. Boquist
  13. Sen. Thatcher
  14. Sen. Hass
  15. Sen. Riley
  16. Sen. Johnson
  17. Sen. Hayward
  18. Sen. Burdick
  19. Sen. Devlin
  20. Sen. Olsen
  21. Sen. Taylor
  22. Sen. Frederick
  23. Sen. Dembrow
  24. Sen. Monroe
  25. Sen. Anderson
  26. Sen. Thomsen
  27. Sen. Knopp
  28. Sen. Linthicum
  29. Sen. Hansell
  30. Sen. Ferrioli

Who’s My Senator?

Full Set of all 30 Fact Sheets


Recent Op-Eds and Press Coverage

Business Leaders in Salem Advocating for Strong Clean Energy Policies

E2 members and staff made a trip to Salem in April 2017 to give lawmakers a sneak-peak of our new Oregon clean energy fact sheets. Pictured in the front row, left to right: Col. Christian Rees, Linda Gerber, Jeremy Mohr, Mary Solecki. Back row, left to right: Mike Mercer, Marla Harvey, Erik Wohlgemuth, Ian Hill. (E2 photo)

Climate Change a Major Economic Risk in Oregon

The economic costs of failing to address the carbon emissions fueling climate change – in Oregon, across the U.S. and around the world – are massive. As outlined in E2’s 2016 report “Oregon: Changing Climate, Economic Impacts, & Policies for Our Future,” climate change could cost local industries like timber, ranching, aquaculture and outdoor recreation millions of dollars annually in the coming decades.

Clean Jobs Bill Complements Policies Like the Clean Fuels Program

Clean energy jobs in Oregon are being created across numerous industries — from wind and solar to energy efficiency and clean fuels. In this video featuring E2 member Tyson Keever, we get an inside look at how the biodiesel industry creates economic opportunities for Oregon workers.

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