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Truth OutTrump’s Plan to Save Coal Country Will Actually Hurt It

Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), a nonpartisan group of clean tech business leaders, estimated last year that the Clean Power Plan could create 560,000 jobs and add $52 billion to... (Read More)

The Philadelphia InquirerClean energy market added 5,000 jobs in 2018, new report shows

We need to challenge the government to think in a way beyond the traditional boxes in how we protect the planet [and] give people sustainable jobs,”... (Read More)

The OregonianOpinion: California’s experience with cap-and-invest shows what’s possible for Oregon’s economy

According to E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs), a national business group, Oregon already employs a clean energy workforce over 55,000 strong. Even more impressive, those jobs are found in every... (Read More)

The Good Men ProjectCarbon Farming Can Slash CO2 Emissions

Soil health improvement, a technique known as carbon farming, could cut the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere by more than one-sixth, a US... (Read More)

SF ExaminerOffshore Drilling Poses an Unnecessary, Unacceptable Economic Risk

Because of these unnecessary, unacceptable risks, more and more West Coast businesses are speaking out against expanding offshore oil drilling. For example, the Business Alliance for... (Read More)

NJ SpotlightStudy Shows an Already Strong Green Economy in NJ, Poised for More Growth

With nearly 52,000 jobs in renewable-energy areas, such as wind and solar, clean-vehicle manufacturing, and energy efficiency, New Jersey’s green economy employs about as many workers... (Read More)

New Jersey 101.5‘Clean Energy’ Jobs Nears 55,000 With Hopes for More

The number of “clean energy” jobs in New Jersey has been increasing steadily the last few years and advocates say could grow faster soon due to... (Read More)

NJ BizReport: Clean Energy Jobs Employ Almost 52,000 in NJ

Nearly 52,000 people in New Jersey – about the same as are employed by UPS, Walmart and Verizon combined – make their living in the clean... (Read More)

The AdvocateLetters: Trump, Louisiana should consider clean energy, too

President Donald Trump, who recently traveled to Louisiana to talk about energy jobs, shouldn’t forget about one of the fastest-growing and most promising energy sectors in... (Read More)

FOXRenewable energy projected to surpass coal in America

A report done by nonpartisan business group ‘Environmental Entrepreneurs’ shows nearly every U.S. state saw an increase in clean energy jobs last year. In fact, jobs... (Read More)

Grand Forks HeraldIn oil-rich North Dakota, alternative energy advocates tout job growth

Where wind energy grows, jobs follow. As of 2018, more than 9,000 North Dakotans are working in the “clean energy” sector, marking a 4.3% increase over... (Read More)

The Denver PostColorado steers toward electric-vehicle standard, while talking to auto makers about alternate route

“Coloradans want more clean vehicle options. Adopting the (zero-emission-vehicle) program would provide consumers the choices they want and businesses the markets they need to grow,” Susan... (Read More)