Breaking news: Negotiators in Paris have signed on to an historic and comprehensive deal to address climate change. Read E2’s Press Release here.

Read E2’s post-Paris Op-Eds below.

From Nov. 30-Dec. 11, France will host the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21). The global summit is expected to be the most significant climate summit in decades – and E2 is there.

E2’s goal before, during and after COP 21 is to show the world that businesses and investors support action on climate change, because it’s good for our economy and our environment. E2 members and staff who will be in attendance in Paris hail from California and Massachusetts; Iowa and Missouri; Virginia and Colorado; Canada and Maryland. Throughout the conference they will represent E2 at panel discussions, press conferences and a myriad other events.

You can follow E2’s activities in Paris in several ways:

    • Members, watch for regular “E2 in Paris Updates” delivered via email
    • Follow us on Twitter with the hashtag #E2inParis
    • Watch this video and click here to see photos of what E2 members have been up at COP21

Recap of E2 Events in Paris

E2 brought its message of how smart environmental policies can create jobs and drive economic growth as we hosted a panel discussion at COP 21 entitled “Good Policies = Good Jobs.” Speakers included E2 New England Chapter Director Geoff Chapin, CEO of Next Step Living; Google Global Energy Policy leader Marsden Hanna; Stanford University professor Mark Jacobson and Dan Lashof, COO of NexGen Climate America. Panelists discussed how policies ranging from the RGGI greenhouse gas initiative and state renewable energy policies to the federal Clean Power Plan are driving growth and creating jobs all across America.

  • Monday, December 7 @ 4pm E2 Press Conference Call: Business in Paris LOCATION: Hotel de Nell

To announce the release of our letter asking Congress not to interfere in Paris, E2 held an international press call, featuring E2inParis delegation members Amy Van Beek (Ideal Energy, Fairfield, Iowa) and Zack Tucker (One3LED, St. Louis, Mo.) that attracted reporters from either side of the Atlantic.

E2 teamed up with the NRDC Urban Solutions program to host a reception that attracted about 50 business leaders, E2 members, executives of other business and environmental groups, city executives, foundation guests and others attending COP 21. NRDC President Rhea Suh addressed the group about the importance of business voices in advocating for climate change policies. E2 Executive Director Bob Keefe and NRDC’s Amanda Eaken and Melissa Wright also spoke about how business voices can help shape and improve policies for everything from building efficiency to congestion in America’s cities.

Listen to the Webinar Replay here.



    • Writing from Paris, E2 Executive Director Bob Keefe published this piece in the Huffington Post on how businesses are helping lead the way in real action on climate change.
    • Just before leaving for Paris to participate as part of E2’s delegation to COP 21, E2 member Zach Tucker penned this great opinion piece for the Kansas City Star about the importance of businesses taking action and supporting a global climate agreement. “Countries aren’t the only ones taking action,” Zach pointed out in his piece. “Recently, more than 80 corporations — including Wal-Mart, Berkshire Hathaway, UPS and my company, ONE3LED — pledged to cut carbon pollution and support a strong outcome in Paris. Why? Because it’s good policy and it’s good business.”  Zach and his brother Wes – two of the newest E2 Midwest chapter members – are among the dozen or so E2 members in Paris for COP 21. Zach was also included in this major piece in Missouri’s newspaper of record, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch discussing the need for climate action in Paris.
    • Another member of E2’s delegation to COP 21, E2 member Dave Belote penned a persuasive opinion piece for the Virginian-Pilot the newspaper of record for coastal Virginia – that makes the link between the Paris talks, his hometown and the business costs and opportunities that come with climate change. Dave is a senior vice president at Cassidy & Associates and a retired U.S. Air Force colonel who recently ran for the Virginia Senate.
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    • On Tuesday, December 1st, readers of the Wall Street Journal woke up to a full-page ad featuring more than 100 companies – including about 40 E2 member companies – calling on world leaders to take strong action in Paris to address climate change for the good of the economy and the good of the environment. Along with E2, several business and environmental groups also were involved in this effort led by the World Wildlife Fund, but E2 got special notice/placement in the ad, since we brought more companies to sign than any other group. Check out the ad at and please share, Tweet and amplify however possible!
    • After more than 20 investors led by Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates announced plans in Paris for what could be the biggest investment fund for clean energy in history, E2 weighed in with this press release, and these blogs on Huffington Post and Medium. As we noted, the Breakthrough Energy Coalition and a government R&D program announced Monday called Mission Innovation could be the clean energy moonshot program we’ve long needed.
    • On Tuesday, December 1st, the White House announced that 73 more companies have joined the American Business Act on Climate Pledge, demonstrating business support for action on climate change in Paris. In all, more than 150 companies have now signed the White House pledge – including E2 member’s companies such as Autodesk, Energy Optimizers USA, One3LED and Intex Solutions. See more details here.



While countries, businesses, cities and citizens are coming together in Paris to take unprecedented action on climate change, back in Washington, some members of Congress are doing their best to stop progress. Even before the Paris talks began, there were efforts to derail, diminish or destroy the Obama Administration’s global commitments to cutting carbon emissions, increasing renewable energy and expanding energy efficiency in America.

That’s just bad for the environment and bad for the economy.

From Paris, E2 sent this letter signed by more than 250 E2 members asking Congress not to interfere with the Paris climate talks. Our partners at the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) also sent a similar letter to Congress from its members.

This article on Yahoo News references E2’s letter, and includes a quote from E2’s Bob Keefe (along with Ban Ki-moon and Arnold Schwarzenegger). A link to our press release can be found here.


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On November 12, E2 released its quarterly clean energy jobs report showing that nearly 10,000 clean energy and clean transportation jobs were announced at more than 30 projects across the country in the third quarter of 2015. The report mentions COP21, and the gathering of countries from around the world to negotiate a major international climate agreement. Already, nearly 150 countries responsible for about 90 percent of the world’s climate pollution have announced concrete carbon emission-reduction commitments. One of the most cost-effective ways for countries to curb emissions is to add renewable power generating capacity and invest in energy efficiency. Because of this, U.S. clean energy business leaders have expressed optimism heading into the conference that the sector is poised to grow internationally, creating massive, multi-trillion-dollar new market opportunities for American companies. And as clean energy markets grow, future job growth in the sector can be expected. View our press release here.



E2 Members. The following E2 members will be at COP 21. Members marked with an * are part of E2’s Delegation in Paris:

  • Mitchell Beer, President, Smarter Shift (Ottawa ON, Canada)*
  • Dave Belote, Senior Vice President, Cassidy and Associates (Virginia Beach, VA)*
  • Tony Bernhardt, PhD, E2 Northern California Chapter Director (Berkeley, CA)*
  • Kate Brandt, Lead for Sustainability, Google, Inc. (Mountainview, CA)
  • Geoff Chapin, Founder & CEO, Next Step Living (Boston, MA)*
  • Malcolm Fleming, City Manager of Louisville, CO (Louisville, CO)*
  • Berl Hartman, E2 New England Chapter Director (Cambridge, MA)*
  • Felix Kramer, Founder, California Cars Initiative (Berkeley, CA)
  • Josh Richman, Vice President of Business Development and Government Affairs, Bloom Energy (Palo Alto, CA)
  • David Rosenheim, Executive Director, The Climate Registry (Pacifica, CA)
  • Wes Tucker, Co-Founder/Partner, One3LED (Chesterfield. MO)*
  • Zach Tucker, Vice President of Operations, One3LED (Chesterfield, MO)*
  • Amy Van Beek, Co-founder, Designer, Ideal Energy, Inc. (Fairfield, IA)*
  • Troy Van Beek, President, Renewable Energy Expert, Ideal Energy, Inc. (Fairfield, IA)*
  • Bill Weihl, Director of Sustainability, Facebook (San Francisco, CA)

E2 Staff. We will have three staff members on the ground in Paris


Negotiations are continuing late into the night in Paris as a Friday deadline for a global climate agreement approaches. See here and here for some of the coverage of the talks as they enter their final hours.

Page updated January 12, 2016