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Making Sure Our Message Matters: Advocacy Basics for E2 Members

A Members-Only Webinar — Advocacy is at the center of everything E2 does – but we can’t do anything without the strong voices of our members.... (Read More)

E2 1 Hotels Fellowship: 2018-2019 Fellow Showcase

The E2 1Hotels Fellowship supports emerging business leaders execute projects that amplify the business and economic case for smart policies to address pressing environmental issues. In September,... (Read More)

Businesses Against New Offshore Oil Drilling

The Business Alliance for Protecting the Pacific Coast (BAPPC) is the leading business voice opposing new and expanded oil and gas development off the Pacific Coast.... (Read More)

Carbon Removal – A New American Agricultural Product: How Carbon Farming and Building Soil Health Will Fight Climate Change

Farm lands can absorb significant global carbon emissions if farmers adopt agricultural practices that remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil. Thanks... (Read More)

WebinarClean Energy Jobs in America 2019: How Clean Energy is Powering American Job Growth

Clean energy now employs about 3.3 million Americans. That’s more Americans than work as school teachers, as waiters and waitresses – and about three times as many... (Read More)

WebinarIllinois Clean Jobs Coalition Webinar: Repowering Illinois for All

Just last week, the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition released the details of the Clean Energy Jobs Act at seven press conferences across the state. The legislation... (Read More)

WebinarE2 1 Hotels Fellowship: Final 2017-2018 Fellow Showcase

Last year, we unveiled the E2 1 Hotels Fellowship to support and develop emerging business leaders who seek to make the world a better place through projects advancing... (Read More)

Congressional Action on Climate and Clean Energy in 2019

Please join E2 for a special webinar this Wednesday, Jan. 30 to learn about current and upcoming action on climate, clean energy and transportation issues in... (Read More)

The Midterm Election: What the Results Mean for the Clean Energy Economy and the Environment

For this special webinar, please join E2 on November 8, once the dust from the midterm elections has settled. We will have a panel of congressional... (Read More)

Offshore Wind: The Economic Promise of an Emerging Industry

For this month’s national webinar, please join E2 to hear from public and private sector representatives who are working hard to make offshore wind a reality... (Read More)

Energy Efficiency Jobs in America: How Saving Energy is Powering Job Growth in the U.S.

Across America today, states, cities and businesses are leading the way in advancing energy efficiency through smart policies and technologies. The result has been an increase... (Read More)

Global Climate Action Summit Preview: How the International, Subnational, and Business Communities Are Taking the Lead on Climate Action

On September 12-14, the world will converge on San Francisco for the first-of-its-kind Global Climate Action Summit. Hosted by California Governor Jerry Brown and others, the... (Read More)