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The Midterm Election: What the Results Mean for the Clean Energy Economy and the Environment

For this special webinar, please join E2 on November 8, once the dust from the midterm elections has settled. We will have a panel of congressional... (Read More)

Offshore Wind: The Economic Promise of an Emerging Industry

For this month’s national webinar, please join E2 to hear from public and private sector representatives who are working hard to make offshore wind a reality... (Read More)

Energy Efficiency Jobs in America: How Saving Energy is Powering Job Growth in the U.S.

Across America today, states, cities and businesses are leading the way in advancing energy efficiency through smart policies and technologies. The result has been an increase... (Read More)

Global Climate Action Summit Preview: How the International, Subnational, and Business Communities Are Taking the Lead on Climate Action

On September 12-14, the world will converge on San Francisco for the first-of-its-kind Global Climate Action Summit. Hosted by California Governor Jerry Brown and others, the... (Read More)

E2 1 Hotels Fellowship: Second Fellows Showcase

Last year, we unveiled the E2 1 Hotels Fellowship to support and develop emerging business leaders who seek to make the world a better place through... (Read More)

Clean Jobs Count: How Clean Energy is Powering Job Growth in America

As our recently released Clean Jobs America report shows, America is now home to nearly 3.2 million clean energy jobs. That’s more than 3 million Americans... (Read More)

E2 1 Hotels Fellowship: First Fellows Showcase

Last year, we unveiled the E2 1 Hotels Fellowship to support and develop emerging business leaders who seek to make the world a better place through projects advancing... (Read More)

Road to the Future: Driving Advancements for Clean Vehicles (National Webinar)

Over the past decade, the United States has made huge strides in increasing the efficiency of vehicles and reducing their emissions – thanks in part to... (Read More)

State of the Union: Defending Climate Action, Clean Energy and the Environment

On January 30, the president will deliver his State of the Union address and his vision for the coming year. Please join E2 the next day for... (Read More)

Beating the Headwinds: Progress Amid Setbacks (National Webinar)

As we close out a tumultuous 2017 and look toward the coming year, please join E2 and congressional climate and clean energy champion U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse... (Read More)

Jobs For All: Diversity in the Clean Energy Economy (National Webinar)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just reported that the two fastest-growing jobs in America are solar installers and wind turbine technicians. All together, the clean energy... (Read More)

Charging Ahead: The Road to Vehicle Electrification (National Webinar)

Electric vehicles are touted as the next big thing with virtually all the largest car companies in the world investing heavily in the technology. Despite impressive... (Read More)