1 Hotels Fellowship FAQ

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about E2's 1 Hotels Fellowship

Q: Is the Fellowship meant to be for an individual only, or can a team/group apply?

A: The Fellowship is an individual award; funds are intended as an award while you work on the project.


Q: Do the funds have to be put towards the project?

A: No, the funds are intended as an award and are for the Fellow to use at their discretion.


Q: Are Fellows required to travel?

A: Awarded fellows may be required to travel to one or more events organized by E2 and 1 Hotels during the program. Flights and hotel expenses will be covered.


Q: I have a couple of really good ideas – do I put them all into one application?

A: There is no limit to the number of project ideas you can submit; just make sure they are completely separate projects.  (Hint: If you find that you have difficulty keeping multiple projects separate from each other, it may be that, with a bit more thinking, you might find that you have just one really great project.


Q: What if I and/or my organization already have a really great project going – can we apply for the Fellowship and put the funds toward the project?

A: The Fellowship is intended for new projects only.  Initiatives or projects which already have funding and resources behind them will not be eligible.


Q: I have a really great project, but I’d need to sell it to my manager – what can you offer the company to help me get buy-in or additional resources/take some time away from the office for my project?

A: E2 would be happy to put your company’s name on press releases and our website if you are awarded a Fellowship.


Q: The portal looks like a job application – can I see the questions before I have to submit an application?

A: Absolutely – here are the questions along with some additional information to consider when completing your application


Project Description  
Provide a compelling, one-sentence description of your proposed project, including the environmental/clean energy policy issue you are planning to address and the geographic location if applicable.
  • Make sure you include the policy issue(s) you are addressing and exactly what part of the country you would be working in.
Executive Summary  
Briefly summarize the overarching need/needs you are proposing to address with your project; the strategies you intend to employ; and how your project will help advance policies and perspectives that are good for the economy and good for the environment.
  • What do you want to accomplish?  What are your goals?
  • What strategies will you use?
  • How will your project aid in moving both environmental and economic policies/perspectives forward?
Statement of Need  
Describe the intended impact of your proposed project, including why this work is necessary now, what areas or people will be affected and the size and nature of the project.
  • Clearly show how the identified need(s) informs your goal(s).
  • Describe who or what will receive the benefit of your project.
  • Why is this a good time (for your target location and/or group) for this project?
  • What is the scope of the project?  (how many, how far, how long?)
Activities to meet the need and anticipated outcomes  
Describe how you plan to meet the objectives and needs above, including a brief statement of the specific goals of your project and the impact it will have and awareness it will raise beyond the fellowship term. Provide a timeline, in three month increments, of the major accomplishments you plan to achieve over the course of the one-year fellowship.

  1. Specific Goals:
  2. Ongoing impact:
  3. Anticipated costs:
  4. Major milestones/timeline:
    • Months 1-3
    • Months 3-6
    • Months 6-9
    • Months 9-12
  • What are the specific strategies and tactics to achieve your goals?
  • Provide a timeline in 3-month increments w/ milestones;
  • What are your estimated costs?
  • How will you report on your progress?
  • How will your work provide an impact and raise awareness beyond the project term?
Describe how you plan and expect to work with E2 staff and members as well as other ally groups and members to increase the impact of your project.
  • How will you work with E2 to advance your project?
  • Will you work with other groups to advance your project?  If so, how?
  • How will this collaboration amplify your project’s effects?
Personal Statement  
Briefly describe, in the first person, what is driving your desire to do this project. Describe how your personal background, experiences, and/or unique qualifications best suit you for this fellowship project. Consider providing examples of personal, business or societal issues that you’ve experienced first-hand in the past that are related to this project, and how that has impacted your decision to pursue this Fellowship and project.
  • Where does your passion for this project come from?
  • What informs your vision for this project?
Skills and experience  
Describe your professional career, your volunteer/public interest work, your education and other relevant experience that have provided you with the expertise, knowledge and project management skills to complete this project.
  • What are the specific aspects of your education, professional or volunteer career(s) that are relevant for this project?
  • What networks do you have/can you collaborate with that will help?