Q: Is the Fellowship meant to be for an individual only, or can a team/group apply?

A: The Fellowship is an individual award so if you did apply as a group, you would have to appoint one individual as a spokesperson, funds recipient, and sole representative.  E2 will not further subdivide Fellowships.

Q: Do the funds have to be put toward the project?

A: The funds are intended to cover any expenses associated with execution of the project.

Q: Are Fellows required to travel?

A: Awarded fellows may be required to travel to one or more events organized by E2 and 1 Hotels during the program. Flights and hotel expenses associated with that travel will be covered.

Q: I have a couple of really good ideas – do I put them all into one application?

A: There is no limit to the number of project ideas you can submit; just make sure they are completely separate projects.  (Hint: If you find that you have difficulty keeping multiple projects separate from each other, it may be that, with a bit more thinking, you might find that you have just one really great project.)

Q: Can I participate in lobbying or electioneering activities as part of my project?

A: No portion of the project may involve lobbying or electioneering activities at any level (i.e., city, state, federal).

Q: My project has a lot of technical detail; should I assume the reviewers will have broad and deep knowledge about all environmental issues across the country?

A: Although our reviewers have a great deal of expert knowledge and experience, you should provide support for claims and assertions that would be outside the scope of a reasonably informed professional person.  There’s a place for additional documents to be attached to the application if necessary.

Q: Do I own what I create under the Fellowship?

A: Yes, you will retain the rights to any and all intellectual property created.

Q: How will I get paid?

A: Funds will be paid in quarterly installments, subject to a finalized project proposal and subsequent approval of quarterly reports.  To receive payment, all written quarterly reports must be accompanied by an invoice.

How to Apply