E2 Real Energy Solutions Radio Tour
Launched in September 2008, E2’s “Real Energy Solutions” radio tour effort addresses the national energy debate, delivering the message that investing our national resources in energy efficiency and alternative energy will launch the country on a new wave of economic growth, job generation and national security.


June 5: Geoff Chapin, News Talk 1480 WHBC Canton, OH

June 2: Bob Keefe, 103.3 KLOU St. Louis, MO

April 18: Jacob Susman interviewed on The Tom Sumner Program 1470 WFNT, Flint Michigan

April 8: David Kolsrud on KZEN/Farm and Ranch Market Network talking about clean energy jobs in the region (Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa.)

March 29: Jacob Susman interviewed on KYW PHILADELPHIA (CBS)

March 25: Jacob Susman interviewed on the Jeff Santos Show Revolution Radio

March 22: Greg Smith, president of Energy Optimizers, USA, based in Dayton, on Ohio Energy Incentives WFIN, 1330 kHz.

March 18: Scott Viciana on MI Regional WKZO-AM, “The Trifecta Show” Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Ann Arbor & South Bend, IN


Aug 25: Brigadier General Steve Anderson US Army (Ret) on WHIO-AM (Dayton, OH)

Aug 21: Lt. General John Castellaw USMC (Ret) on Florida News Network (FL)

Aug 21: Brigadier General Steve Anderson US Army (Ret) on WHMP-AM (Springfield, MA)

Aug 20: Brigadier General Steve Anderson US Army (Ret) on WFLO-AM (Richmond, VA)

Aug 13: Brigadier General Steve Anderson US Army (Ret) on WSBT-AM (South Bend, IN)

Aug 6: Brigadier General Steve Anderson US Army (Ret) (WGOW, Chattanooga TN)

Aug 1: Lt. General John Castellaw USMC (Ret) on WNWS-FM) (Jackson, TN)

July 26: Lt. General John Castellaw USMC (Ret) on Rebuild America Show (National)

July 25: Lt. General John Castellaw USMC (Ret) on WCXZ-AM (Knoxville, TN)

July 19: Lt. General John Castellaw USMC (Ret) on Westwood One Jim Bohannon Show (National)

July 17: Lt. General Norm Seip USAF (Ret) on KJFF-AM (St. Louis/Festus, MO)

July 14: Judy Albert, James Marvin, and Berl Hartman on WSMN (NH)

Host Diana Dehm of SN&E radio interviews Judy Albert – E2 Executive Director, James Marvin – Commander US Navy (ret.), and Berl Hartman – E2 New England Chapter Director.

July 10: Lt. General John Castellaw USMC (Ret) on TalkUSA (National)

July 5: Lt. General John Castellaw USMC (Ret) on KLPW-AM (St. Louis/Washington, MO)

July 3: Lt. General John Castellaw USMC (Ret) on WXGM-FM (Gloucester/Norfolk, VA)

July 3: Lt. General Norm Seip USAF (Ret) on Wall Street Journal Radio (National)

July 2: Lt. General John Castellaw USMC (Ret) on WCAP-AM (Boston/Lowell, MA)

June 29: Lt. General Norm Seip USAF (Ret) on WXBR-AM (Boston/Brockton, MA)


*Note: these radio interviews were not recorded

December 15: Ken Gart on KCMN-AM (CO, NE, KS, Northern NM)

December 9: Judith Albert on WRTI-FM, WJAZ-FM, WRTL-FM, WRTY-FM, WRTQ-FM, WRTX-FM (PA/DE/NJ)

December 8: Ken Gart on KBCR-FM, 1230 ESPN (Steamboat Springs, CO)

December 8: Ken Gart on KAJX-FM (Aspen, CO)

December 8: Judith Albert on WCMU-FM, WUCX-FM, WCML-FM, WCMB-FM, WWCM-FM, WCMZ-FM, WCMW-FM (MI)

December 7: Judith Albert on KYW-AM (Philadelphia, PA)

December 6: Ken Gart on KRZA-FM (Alamosa, CO)

November 25: Judith Albert on WOCA-AM News/Talk (Gainesville/Ocala, FL)

November 17: Judith Albert on WPBI-FM, WQCS-FM (Fort Lauderdale/Miami/West Palm Beach, FL)

November 15: Ethan Garber on WGOW-FM (Chattanooga, TN)

October 26: Ethan Garber on WBEX-AM (Chillicothe/Columbus, OH)

October 24: Ethan Garber on WFIN-AM (Findley/Toledo, OH)

October 20: John Cusack on TalkUSA Radio Network (National)

October 19: Dennis Quaintance on WPTF-AM (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC)

October 18: Ethan Garber on WKBN-AM (Youngstown, OH)

October 17: Ethan Garber on WIMA-AM (Columbus/Lima, OH)

October 12: Nicole Lederer on WBAI-FM (New York, NY

October 4: Nicole Lederer on WTOP-AM/FM (Washington, DC)

October 3: John Cusack on WOBM-FM (Monmouth & Ocean Counties, NJ)

September 20: Dennis Quaintance on WZTK-FM, 101.1 FM News/Talk (NC)

September 19: Dave Moyar on WGVU-FM (Grand Rapids, MI)


August 2: Jim Gordon on WJCT-FM (Jacksonville, FL)

July 29: Ed Krapels on Maine Public Broadcasting Network (Throughout ME)

July 27: Tom Pounds on WRJN-AM part 1 part 2 (Racine, WI)

July 26: Jack Oswald on WTVN-AM (Columbus, OH)

July 23: Tedd Saunders on WINA-AM (Charlottesville, VA) -featured interview begins halfway through

July 23: Tom Pounds on WIZM-AM (La Crosse, WI)

July 22: Dan Goldman on WWZN-AM (Boston, MA and Nashau, NH)

July 21: Jack Oswald on WGVU-FM (Grand Rapids, MI)

July 20: Jim Gordon on WRHB-AM (Orlando/Daytona, FL)

July 19: Tedd Saunders on WAMV-AM (Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA)

July 16: Tedd Saunders on WCAP-AM (Boston, MA)

July 15: Jack Oswald on WLW-AM (Cincinnati, OH)

July 13: Tom Pounds on WOJB-FM (Superior, WI)


October 27: Jonathan Rose on KSFR-FM (Santa Fe, NM)

October 15: Joel Serface on KCMN-AM (Colorado Springs, CO)

October 14: John Cheney on WOCA-AM (Ocala/Gainesville, FL)

October 6: Jack Oswald on KFUO-FM (St. Louis, MO)

October 1: Jack Oswald on KJFF-AM (Festus/Crystal City, MO)

September 29: Jonathan Rose on KRWG-FM (southwest New Mexico)

September 29: Jack Oswald on WFLO-AM/FM (Farmville, VA)

September 23: John Cheney on WMKT-AM (Traverse City/Cadillac, MI)

September 18: Dan Goldman on WVIA-FM (northeast Pennsylvania)

September 9: John Cheney on WMNF-FM (Tampa, FL) and Jack Oswald on WERE-AM (Cleveland, OH)

September 3: Jack Oswald on WHIO-AM/FM (Dayton, OH)

August 27: Dan Goldman on WHP-AM (Harrisburg, PA)

August 19: Dan Goldman on KDKA-AM (Pittsburg, PA) in four parts: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4

May 6: Barry Dicker on KTUI-FM (Sullivan, MO)

March 28: Kevin Surace on WEFT-FM (Champaign/Decatur/Springfield, IL)

March 18: Barry Dicker on KRMS-FM (Jefferson City, MO): Part 1 of 3; Part 2 of 3; Part 3 of 3

March 13: Barry Dicker on KFRU-AM (Columbia/Jefferson City, MO)

March 5: Barry Dicker on KTTR-AM (Springfield, MO)

March 4: Kevin Surace on WTAD-AM (Quincy, IL) and WHCO-AM (Spart, IL)

February 27: Barry Dicker on KJFF-AM (St. Louis/Festus, MO)

February 25: Barry Dicker on KCMO-AM (Kansas City, MO)

February 10: Tedd Saunders on WSVA-AM (Harrisonburg, VA)

February 6: Tony Lent on WTRC-AM (Sound Bend/Elkhart, IN)

February 4: Tedd Saunders on WXGM-AM (Norfolk/Glouchester, VA)

February 4: Tedd Saunders on WAMV-AM (Amherst, VA)

February 4: John Cheney on WSRQ-AM (Sarasota/St. Petersburg, FL): First interview; Second interview

February 4: John Cheney on WOCA-AM (Ocala/Gainesville, FL)

February 4: John Cheney on WZTA-AM (West Palm Beach/Port Saint Lucie, FL)

February 4: John Cheney on WMNF-FM (Tampa, FL)

February 4: Tony Lent on CNN’s Peter B. Collins show (National)

February 3: Rob Erlichman on WGOW-FM (Chattanooga, TN)

February 3: Rob Erlichman on WABJ-AM (Toledo, OH/Adrian, MI)

February 3: Rob Erlichman on WFIN-AM (Toledo/Findlay, OH)


December 8: Sam Perry on KRXA-AM (Monterey, CA)

December 4 interviews: Daniel Goldman on WGVU-AM (Grand Rapids, MI), WCWA-AM (Toledo, OH), and WIZM-AM (La Crosse, WI); Gino Borland on Westwood One Radio (Seattle, WA and national), John Cheney on “The Right Balance” with Greg Allen (National) and KTBT-FM (Tulsa, OK); and David Welch on WAMD-AM (Aberdeen/Baltimore, MD)

December 2: David Welch on KYW-AM (Philadelphia, PA)

December 1: Sam Perry on CBS radio (Seattle, WA, and national)

November 13: Tedd Saunders on WOJB-FM (Duluth, MN/Superior, WI)

November 10: Daniel Goldman on WDIS-AM (Boston, MA)

November 3: David Noble on WOCA-AM (Gainesville/Ocala, FL)

October 31: Jon Slangerup “Conference America” interview featured on KRXA-AM (Eureka, CA), KGOE-AM (Coos Bay, OR), KBBR-AM (Laurel, MT), KBSR-AM (Portland, OR), KPOJ-AM (Missoula, MT), KMPT-AM (Seattle, WA), KPTK-AM (San Francisco, CA) and KKGN 960 (San Francisco, CA)

October 29: David Noble on WHIO-FM (Dayton, OH)

October 27: Tedd Saunders on WIMA-AM (Lima, OH)

October 10: Tedd Saunders on WOCA-AM (Gainesville, FL)

October 7 interviews: Tedd Saunders on WSRB-FM (Chicago, IL), Daniel Goldman on KRES-FM (Kansas City, MO), and Jon Slangerup on KPQ-AM (Seattle, WA)

October 6 interviews: Daniel Goldman on WICO-AM (Salisbury, MD), Daniel Yost on SIRIUS national satellite radio, Daniel Goldman on KJFF-AM (St. Louis, MO), Tedd Saunders on WXBR-AM (Boston, MA), and Holly Kaufman on KAHI-AM (Sacramento, CA)

September 18: Tedd Saunders on WAMV-AM (Roanoke, VA)

September 17: Tedd Saunders on WGOW-FM (Chattanooga, TN)

September 11: Tony Lent on KLIN-AM (Lincoln, NE): Part 1, Part 2

September 5: Holly Kaufman on WLW-AM (Cincinnati, OH)

September 5: David Noble on WKDD-AM (Akron/Canton, OH)

August 22: Rob Erlichman on KWLM-AM (Minneapolis, MN)

August 21: Tony Lent on WICH-AM (Hartford, CT)

August 20 interviews Rob Erlichman on WAMV-AM (Roanoke, VA) and Tedd Saunders on WGRT-FM (Detroit/Port Huron, MI)

August 19 interviews Tedd Saunders on WDIS-AM (Boston, MA) and John Cheney on WIBG-AM (Philadelphia, PA, and southern NJ)

August 18 interviews Daniel Goldman on WSRQ-AM (Sarasota/Tampa, FL), Jon Slangerup on Metro News Service (Seattle, WA), and John Cheney on WFIN-AM (Toledo, OH)