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US Clean Energy Jobs Grow 3.6% to Nearly 3.3 Million

Across the country, nearly every state saw an increase in clean energy jobs in 2018, combining to add about 110,000 net new jobs for a growth... (Read More)

Trump Budget Again Threatens Innovation and Jobs

The Trump administration introduced its federal budget proposal today, once again including cuts to and proposals to eliminate programs that drive investment in clean energy innovation... (Read More)

Oregon Business Leaders Urge Lawmakers to Pass Clean Energy Jobs Bill

Bill would strengthen and expand Oregon’s clean energy economy, according to letter signed by 70+ business executives, entrepreneurs, investors and other professionals from across the state. (Read More)

Senate Vote to Overturn Whitmer Action Threatens MI Businesses, Jobs

Michigan’s Senate voted 26-16 today against an environmental executive order signed last week by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer that would better position the government to protect the health... (Read More)

E2: Cap-and-Invest an Opportunity for Oregon Economy, Workers, Businesses

Yesterday draft language for the long-awaited Clean Energy Jobs Bill was released. If passed, the legislation would create a Cap-and-Invest program that would place an economy-wide... (Read More)

Gov. Polis Announces EVs, Clean Air Are Top Priorities for New Administration

Executive order by Gov. Polis will save consumers and businesses money at the pump; drive innovation, jobs (Read More)

500+ Business Leaders, Others Implore New Congress To Address Economic Impacts of Climate Change

More than 500 business leaders, investors and other professionals signed a letter sent to every member of the 116th Congress today imploring lawmakers to “take immediate... (Read More)

EPA Cripples Air Health Standards for Coal Industry

"This attack does the exact opposite – introducing market uncertainty and confusion to MATS-compliant utility companies and undercutting innovation, while bringing Americans more pollution and toxic... (Read More)

Transportation Advocates Commend States’ Announcement to Develop Regional Program to Modernize Transportation and Reduce Vehicle Emissions

A coalition of nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and the District of Columbia today announced their intent to design a new regional low-carbon transportation policy proposal... (Read More)

Report: 55,000+ Oregonians Now Work in Clean Energy

More than 55,000 Oregonians now work in clean energy in every county in Oregon, according to a new analysis of energy jobs data by the national,... (Read More)

E2: Farm Bill Soil Health Provision Plants Important New Seed for Climate Action

A new soil health pilot program that E2 and a coalition of agriculture and environmental partners promoted for inclusion in the 2018 Farm Bill will help... (Read More)

Rollback of Lead & Copper Rule Threaten MI Businesses, Jobs

Michigan water utilities and municipal officials today filed a lawsuit to roll back the state’s new Lead and Copper Rule which mandates the replacement of lead... (Read More)