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E2: President Trump’s Focus on Economy Tonight Should Emphasize Growth, Opportunities in Clean Energy

“It’s great that the president plans to continue to focus on the economy and creating jobs – because there’s no bigger or more promising job-creator in... (Read More)

E2: GOP-led Climate Proposal a Hopeful Sign of Bipartisan Solutions

Statement from E2 Federal Advocacy Director Sandra Purohit WASHINGTON (January 21, 2020) – E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) is encouraged by the statements of commitment to finding climate change... (Read More)

Business Group: Trump Administration Ignores Climate Impacts with Proposed Rule Change

E2 opposes President Trump’s dramatic proposed rollback of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) announced today that would enable agencies to ignore the climate change impacts... (Read More)

Final Spending Bill Fails U.S. Clean Economy

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate passed a bill to fund the government through 2020. The funding package includes needed increases in funding for Department of Energy research... (Read More)

Washington Ranks 14th in U.S. for Clean Energy Jobs – REPORT

Washington now ranks 14th among all 50 states and the District of Columbia for total number of clean energy jobs with nearly 84,000 Washington residents now... (Read More)

U.S. Workers, Businesses Would Reap Benefits from 100% Clean Economy

Rep. Donald McEachin (D-VA) with more than 150 House Representatives cosponsors today introduced the “100% Clean Economy Act of 2019,” a bill that would authorize new... (Read More)

Oregon Renewable Energy Employs 5X More Workers than Fossil Fuels – REPORT

Clean energy jobs now account for nearly 60 percent of all energy industry jobs in Oregon with employment of 55,406 Oregonians, according to a new analysis... (Read More)

House Tax Package Would Accelerate U.S. Clean Energy Economy

Today, the House Ways and Means Committee released a package of clean energy tax extensions and modifications that will help accelerate deployment of renewable energy and... (Read More)

REPORT: Beyond Flint, “Water Investing Gap” in Michigan Stands in Way of 90,000 New Jobs in State, $8.8 Billion in Workers’ Paychecks

Investing $12 billion on top of existing water infrastructure expenditures over the next two decades would address the Flint water problem and also create nearly 90,000... (Read More)

Paris Withdrawal Damages US Competitiveness “For Years to Come”

“Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement will inflict real financial pain on millions of American workers who earn their paychecks every day in clean energy and clean... (Read More)

Veteran DC Advocate Joins E2

Sandra Purohit, who has spent almost two decades advocating for smart environmental solutions in business and policy, has joined E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) as its new Federal... (Read More)

Clean Cars for America is a Win for U.S. Jobs and Economy

“While the rest of the world already is speeding ahead with cleaner, more efficient automobiles, America has been dragging its feet. “This plan is a chance... (Read More)