Statements from E2 Executive Director, Clean Energy Business Leaders 

San Francisco, CA – (September 11, 2018) – On Wednesday, world leaders, business representatives and others from around the globe will gather at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco.

Following a statement from  Bob Keefe, executive director of the national nonpartisan business group E2:

“Unless they’re in a state of denial, most world leaders now know we can address climate change and protect our environment while also creating jobs and driving economic growth in clean energy and other sectors.

“But world leaders also know they need businesses to make it happen. That’s why this summit is so important. It brings business, government, investors and environmental leaders together to create solutions to the most serious problem our world and our children face.”

E2 is hosting several business-focused events during the Global Climate Action Summit, and E2 members from across the country are attending the summit. Among them:

Greg Smith, founder and present of Energy Optimizers, an Ohio-based energy efficiency company, said:

“I am attending because I care about the future of this planet and want to ensure my kids and future generations have clean air and clean water. I believe the clean energy economy, businesses and professionals are the key to both growing the economy and ensuring clean air and water for future generations.”

Archie Kasnet, founder and president of Massachusetts-based Regenerate LLC, an environmentally focused holding company, said:

“Scaling solutions is a priority— the private sector must continue to lead the transition to a clean and regenerative economy.  The climate summit is welcoming international leaders from NGOs, business, government and academia focused on creating jobs and growing the economy towards a thriving future.”

Berl Hartman, E2 New England chapter director, said:

“This summit is extremely important because  it is a dramatic way for cities, states, businesses and many others to show that we intend to meet or exceed the climate goals established at the U.N. Paris Climate Summit in 2015.

“The wide range of participants at the summit highlights the fact that we are fighting the reckless behavior of the U.S. government every single day with concrete actions that lower emissions, create jobs, and strengthen the economy.”

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