Executive order by Gov. Hickenlooper will save consumers and businesses money at the pump; drive innovation, jobs

DENVER, CO (June 19, 2019) – Today Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper announced plans to join 13 other states that are leading the country with tougher emissions standards for vehicles.

Following is a statement from RJ Harrington, a Denver clean energy executive and member of E2, a national, nonpartisan business group:

“This is good news for Colorado’s environment, but also for its economy.  Cleaner, more efficient cars mean cleaner air and savings at the pump for consumers and businesses alike.

“This also will help drive jobs, innovation and investments at the growing number of clean vehicle-related companies throughout the state.”

The decision by Gov. Hickenlooper comes just days after he spoke about the importance of clean energy and clean vehicles at an E2 event in Denver, where E2 released its latest Clean Jobs Colorado report detailing clean energy jobs across the state.

According to the E2 report, more than 57,000 Coloradans now work in clean energy-related industries. That includes about 2,700 Coloradans who work in clean vehicles businesses ranging from electric vehicle charging companies to suppliers of technology and parts for hybrid and other low-emissions vehicles. Thousands more work in other Colorado companies that rely on low-emissions vehicles.

“This order will mean that companies and consumers all over Colorado will have better choices when they’re purchasing vehicles,” said Ryan Kohlman, co-founder of K2 Taxi in Grand Junction, which is converting its fleet of cabs to all-electric vehicles. “That means more innovation, more jobs – and cleaner air – for our state.”

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