Statement from E2 Director of Advocacy Grant Carlisle

WASHINGTON (September 19, 2018) – The Department of the Interior formally proposed its final rule on methane waste prevention, officially rolling back many provisions of an Obama-era regulation that had aimed to limit wasteful venting and leaks industrial operations on federal lands and would have sent a strong, clear market signal for economic growth in the methane mitigation industry.

The following is a statement from Grant Carlisle, Director of Advocacy for the national, nonpartisan business group E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs):

“This rollback reveals the gross negligence of the Trump administration’s anti-clean energy agenda – disregarding its own analysis that the rule will only hurt American innovation, small businesses and create zero additional jobs in order to turn short-term profits for a single industry.”

To speak with E2 members and other business leaders in states across the country who support strong methane emissions standards, please contact Michael Timberlake at (202) 289-2407 or

Additional Information:

  • Letter Signed by 396 E2 member to Sec. Zinke opposing rollback of methane standard (org, February 2018)
  • BLM’s own February 2018 analysis finds the proposal would cost Americans more than $1 billion in wasted natural gas and pollution (BLM, February 2018)
  • Poll: 7 of 10 Western state citizens support methane waste requirements on federal lands (Colorado College, January 2018)
  • Proposed rule will result in no additional job growth (BLM, February 2018)
  • Proposed repeal estimated to result in negligible increase in profits of less than 2/10ths (BLM, November 2016)
  • American taxpayers will to lose upwards of $32.7 million in royalty revenue, about half of which would go to energy-producing states (BLM, February 2018)
  • Methane mitigation is a growing industry, supporting 130 companies operating nearly 600 manufacturing, sales, and support facilities across 46 states (Environmental Defense Fund, April 2017)


  • To see how even cleaner technologies in renewable energy and energy efficiency have created 3 million jobs across the country, please see E2’s new Clean Jobs America report.
  • Methane a highly potent greenhouse gas.
  • The oil and gas industry is the nation’s largest industrial source of methane.
  • Nearly 80 firms operating in 46 states manufacture technologies or provide services to reduce methane pollution in oil and natural gas production. The majority quality as small businesses.
  • The U.S. loses more than $1 billion worth of natural gas every year through methane leaks and intentional releases throughout the oil and gas system. This is enough natural gas to meet heating and cooking needs in more than 5 million American homes.


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