Despite a population of just 4 million, Oregon’s clean energy economy ranks 14th in solar jobs and in the top 21 in energy efficiency, wind energy, clean fuels, grid and storage, renewable energy, and total clean energy jobs.

Thanks to policies like the Renewables Portfolio Standard, Clean Fuels Program and Coal to Clean that are driving development of infrastructure projects like solar arrays and wind farms, more than 55,000 Oregonians across every county in the state work in the clean energy sector according to E2’s Clean Jobs Oregon 2018 report released in December.

But these statewide numbers only tell part of the clean energy success story in Oregon. Below is a district-by-district look at the jobs and economic benefits that have resulted from Oregon’s climate policies.

Clean Jobs | District-By-District

Analysis of Clean Energy’s Economic Benefits Across Oregon (updated for 2019)

Iberdrola Renewables’ Klondike III windfarm in Oregon // Credit: NREL

Oregon’s Statewide 2018 Clean Energy Jobs Report
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